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Community Terms of Use Reminders

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Hello HealthUnlocked Community:

Over the last several months, we have seen an increase in new users. Because of this and as a result of recent posts, we would like to share some reminders about the general terms of use for this community. We, as administrators, are committed to ensuring a respectful dialogue through which all participants have the opportunity to express themselves. This is especially important in light of current events. That being said, please note:

1) Be aware that posts of a religious nature may violate the terms of use and may be removed. While we encourage community members to share what has helped them through their struggle with mental health, proselytizing is not acceptable. As an example, it is acceptable to post “I find relying on my faith - or this particular piece of scripture - helps calm me when I am feeling anxious.” It is not acceptable to post “Christian faith – or a belief in a particular God - is the only thing that will cure you.” With that in mind, the mere mention of religion is not necessarily cause for removal of the post. Members should be mindful that this is not a religion-based community and not everyone in the community has positive associations with religion.

2) Please try to keep responses to post focused on the theme of the post rather than changing the topic. It is important that people try to assist a poster's question or thought by staying on topic.

3) Posts which contain prohibited content (business solicitations, illegal activity, explicit content, etc.) will be removed. Posts which contain inappropriate language (curse words) may be edited by administrators. This includes inappropriate usernames. Posting sexually explicit content will result in the member being removed from the community.

4) All reported posts will be carefully reviewed in as timely a manner as possible.

5) When reporting posts you feel violate the terms of use, there is no need to include comments that you have reported the post. This is unnecessarily antagonistic and only serves to increase tensions between community members. It is up to the Admins of the site to determine if a post does violate the terms of use for the community. Community members should not try to police others’ posts. If you disagree with an administrator’s decision, please message the administrators rather than continuing to engage on the post.

6) Community members should recognize that not all content a particular user finds inappropriate or offensive will be considered in violation of the site’s terms of use. Each individual should prioritize their own well being and not engage in posts they find offensive or triggering.

Thank you, ADAA Admin Team

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Thank you for that admin. We do get a number of posts/replies saying things like 'Remember god loves you' and 'The Lord will get you through this so pray to him' etc. Sometimes they even recommend a certain psalm. Are these acceptable please?

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Admin14Administrator in reply to hypercat54

If there are concerns about a specific post, please report it and it will be reviewed. It would not be appropriate to make a determination without reviewing the post in context.

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hypercat54 in reply to Admin14

This one for example. This is common on here.

Or this one? I can't see anywhere where the subject says s/he is a Christian. Some on here assume everyone shares their religious beliefs and reply accordingly. I have even had replies telling me god loves me and to pray!

These are the kind of grey area posts/replies that cause the most dissent on here, so I ask you to clarify this please.

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Thank you Admin!! Everything is noted and understood!

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