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I need urgent help mine just started


Hello guys , honestly I now understand on a whole new level what mental health means . It’s something we should never take for granted at all.

I never use to experience this until now and what I normally would do before without hesitation , I tend to have anxiety

A common discussion triggers my panic attack. Only seeing someone and next thing am scared.

What do I do. I don’t want to goto a doctor am scared I heard it gets worse after taking medications.

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I would rather take meds, than to live in the dark place I was at, because that were not living, antidepressants are the only thing that helps me live a normal life. But since this virus I have been feeling a little down.

What do you think about CBD OIL . Does it helps.


You can't listen to what others say, because they have no idea, unless they have experience it. I go to a physiatrist

for my meds and therapy.

Joeycash7 in reply to Hidden

Please tell me does it help, I mean going to a psychiatrist. Because mine is anxiety and panic attacks.


It's helps because she helps manage your meds, she ensures I am feeling normal.

Joey, with respect you should see your doctor and ask for a simple thyroid blood test. If your level is too high this can cause anxiety symptoms - the good news is that this type of anxiety can be overcome by medication. Worth checking out.

So if it's not thyroid? In that case ask yourself what has happened in your life to give you the excess of anxiety that has led to you present condition? The usual suspects are over work, worry, stress, disappointment, loss, shame, toxic relationships, a job you hate. You alone know what is causing your nervous sensitivity resulting in panic attacks and fearful feelings. Then you must decide on a plan of action to neutralise that which is the cause of your suffering. You may need to be ruthless, the solution will certainly require decisive action on your part.

A certain amount of anxiety is good for us, it helps us to take problems seriously, but too much and we reach anxiety overload and our nerves start to play up. In your case this takes the form of panic attacks and feelings of fear.

One to one therapy with a good counsellor can be most helpful. Medication can be effective too: but it can take up to 4 weeks to kick in and once you stop the meds the symptoms can return.

The only other way forward to recovery I know about is self-help methods explained in books. I always recommend the Acceptance method set out by Claire Weekes in her first book "Self help for your nerves" also published as "Hope and help for your nerves" in the United States.

This remedy works on the basis that we are all perpetuating the symptoms we hate by adding second fear to first fear. Anxiety disorder exaggerates every small worry and concern into a major trauma. Respite and recovery come when we stop fighting these false fears and instead accept them for the time being.

We know that they are just glitches in a nervous system overcome by nervous exhaustion. They are not life threatening and can do us no permanent harm so why let them frighten us half to death every five minutes. So accept the feelings of panic for the moment, agree to co-exist with them for the time being. You see, you cannot both truly accept anxiety symptoms and fear them at the same time.

By freeing ourselves from fear we stop flooding our nerves with adrenalin and they gradually lose their sensitivity and stop exaggerating our emotions. When that point is reached all the bad feelings yield and we can reclaim our quiet mind.

Joey, do not put your faith in strange potions and weird remedies. You now know how the nervous system attempts to coerce you and how to remedy it. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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