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Getting ready to let go of my story

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I want to be letting go of my story so the Universe can help me create a new one. It’s just that there’s some block I need to figure out how to take down. I have to believe it can be better and believe I deserve it. ✨ ❤️ ✨

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You deserve it👍😊

I hope I get believing that soon. Thank you Love2run

I tell my psychiatrist that I feel like there is some kind of block or a switch is flipped off. So I totally relate to what your saying. I just feel like there is an answer to this and I am research hard to figure it out.

((((((Lostmyself))))))) ❤️

You deserve the best 🌻

Thanks ❤️

You got this thing... you will break through the block sooner than you think. Best of luck to you!

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I hope so 🙏 😊

Starr, you do deserve to be happy. I am still in my situation with really no change but I have made some decisions and a plan/backup plan. Then I just mentally walked away from a lot of these responsibilities. I just don't care anymore bc I cant do it anymore. I met my breaking point. Walking away has given me some relief. Our situations are different but I hope you can figure out your block and conquer it. ❤

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I feel I can’t see myself clearly. I am afraid of what I will find maybe. I look down on myself as it is so maybe not much to loose and I should look deep within.

That’s great you have plans. I need goals and plans. Right now riding the waves.

I’m glad you know yourself and walking away gives relief.

Hello Starrlight

I can so relate to your story, the problem for me is that whatever I plan, my body has other ideas so it is very difficult to move forward or out of the box that I now find myself in.

I wish you success in whatever you plan!

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