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Hello! I’m new to this group. Wondering if any one on here has suffered from high functioning anxiety? I’m dealing with it now and it’s becoming unbearable.

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hi welcome aboard hopefully we can help you get back on track.

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Thank you

Welcome Bcrawford16 🌻

Many of us on this site deal with Anxiety at many different levels (depending upon the person and their situation). For instance, I have Social Anxiety. I’m very in comfortable in unfamiliar crowds. Or at times I have worry spells out of the blue.

Anxiety is treatable either with therapy, medications. Or perhaps putting oneself in a nurturing place (for example to help calm me I listen to classical music).

You’ll find on this site that you’re not alone and that there is a lot of support here.


-MZ ❤️

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Thank you I too have social anxiety. It makes working very hard 😢

Welcome! 🙌🏼😊

Thank you 😊

I do. I work every day a have a family to support but I'm depressed and very anxious at the same time. It's catching up to me lately with isolation and depression but I have to keep going for them. I have zero support and I cry alone all the time.

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I understand completely I work 2 jobs just to keep my head above the water with debt. Very stressful knowing you have to keep going when you feel like you can’t.

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You just keep going. We are strong and will continue to do what's best for us and our families.

Yes I do.

I am a very good actor and people even remark how calm I am and how nothing gets to me. Little do they know I'm just constantly hiding my true feelings. Today I feel like pulling my hair out its either anger or nothing. I hate it. I want to shake myself and say Change!!! You stupid fool!!! Life is what ever you make it to be! But I can't help myself break free. Trying not to swear here! Xxx

I’m so sorry! I understand completely because I go through irritability a lot! The littlest thing ticks me off. I am a good actor too and when I am finally by myself at the end of the day I feel so drained.

Exactly! I feel so drained too! What are we doing wrong? I beat myself up that there must be another way but I can’t find it. The irritation is terrible. A big thing for me is wanting to be liked and putting that higher than my own happiness. Really working hard on changing that. X

Honestly I think we just put too much pressure on ourselves. I know in the past I use to exercise for 45 mins after work and it HELPED so MUCH!!! It’s so hard now to find the time or motivation to do it. But if you can it will help you! I’m thinking about starting yoga this week just to help relax myself. We will get through this just stay strong and be good to yourself. XX

The symptoms of high anxiety are your nervous system telling you that you've reached anxiety overload. Too much worry, overwork, disappointment, toxic relationships have overwhelmed you. Hopefully not all those mentioned, it only takes one or two.

Although high anxiety is a horrible experience it is still 'only' a feeling. It is not a symptom of of some physical or organic disease and when you are under less pressure you will no longer be troubled by it.

The important thing is to remember that its bark is worse than its bite and there is not need to fear it. Indeed, it is the fear hormones you release when experiencing the horrible feeling that maintain your nerves in an over sensitised state. Overcome the fear and the nervous system recovers and the bad feeling ceases.

If you can identify the stress factors that have caused your anxiety then they should be addressed and neutralised. You may well have to be ruthless in dealing with these stress factors and it is often helpful to seek the advice of a wise and trusted friend or acquaintance in deciding how to deal with these causes of your mental discomfort.

Medications can give respite but not cure, therapy with a wise counsellor can be invaluable - and there are also trusted self-help books such as Doctor Claire Weekes' "Self help for your nerves" available new or used from Amazon and Ebay which teaches the concept of Face, Accept, Float and Let time pass. I think you will find it brings understanding, reassurance and a path to recovery.

What you are experiencing so many here have experienced. High anxiety is not going to kill you or disable you and will not trouble you forever - but you must take steps to engage in a plan of recovery yourself.

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Very well said! This is exactly what I’m going through and unfortunately I do worry, overwork and have toxic relationships in my life right now. I feel like my relationship adds extra stress due to his narcissistic side and I work 6 days a week unfortunately have too. I agree with the medicine not being a cure. I always get such bad side effects and most time my anxiety is worse afterwards. I will definitely try out Doctor Claire Weekes book. Thank you!

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Sorry to hear of your troubles, the Claire Weekes book is titled 'Hope and help for your nerves' in the U.S. same book. It's a life saver.

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I ordered it off amazon today should be here within the week. Thank you so much!

Welcome to the site and know that you are not alone is this struggle.

I think accepting the physical symptoms of anxiety as simply a feeling really helps. Simply tell yourself that this is just a feeling and it will pass eventually. Even if it doesnt immediately help, "fake it until you make it." Smile as much as you can even when you don't feel like it.

Also, a mantra someone told me to use is: "even though I have anxiety, I love and accept myself."

Look into EFT tapping as well. Using tapping with a mantra is very helpful.

Lavender tea with honey, or hot water with apple cider vinegar and honey are nice relaxing beverages to have in the evening.

As others have said, seeing a counselor or therapist will help. Even speaking with a friend about your feelings will give you relief.

It's perfectly ok to feel this way, even when you are out in stressful situations. Simply tell yourself its ok to feel anxious and that you love yourself.

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Thank you ❤️

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