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Starting a new job tomorrow


Finally left a toxic work environment and I am starting a new job. It was a very bad and depressing situation so part of me wonders if the depressive episodes I’ve been having are all part of that. It almost feels like I have some sort of work related trauma or something, so it makes me really nervous for tomorrow because I think it will be the same situation. But regardless I’m trying to look on the bright side and hoping that the reason for the episodes have been because of the bad work environment.

Have you ever experienced work related post trauma like that? Not really sure how to describe it...

Love y’all, hope you’re having a good Sunday

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hi congratulations and best of luck for tomorrow.

Kevin87 in reply to kenster1

Thanks so much!

Yes, yes and yes! Total trauma. Still recovering emotionally, gets easier as time goes by. Go to your new job with your head held high, enjoy the brain space and be good to yourself. It really does get better. Good luck for tomorrow!! You will be fine.

Kevin87 in reply to deborah27

Thanks so much! It went pretty well, it’s nice to be in a good space again

Yes Kevin87. And everyone is nervous starting a new job and new learning. Just go in with a smile be happy for yourself that you took yourself out of that situation and get a new start. Positivity is key. Go in saying this is going to be great and genuinely let yourself get excited. Reward yourself after your first day with your favourite take out or go to the gym. Get those endorphins give yourself some happiness it’s over you did it and now is a new beginning for you. Effort will be a given but you’re worth the effort to positive change go with flow with hope.

Kevin87 in reply to guitara69

Thank you for that, I Was trying to think of a reward all day

I’m glad to say it went well!

guitara69 in reply to Kevin87

High 5 Dude!! Awesome !! Proud and happy for you truly !! Thanks for letting us know !! I hope you found one if not you will !! Big hug !!


Ya know it's amazing how so many people's post I read I can relate to. Yours in particular because my previous job was fast paced, filled with a variety of characters, and drama filled aside for the actual work it's self. I left it because it was killing me and I decided not to torture myself any further. I had the satisfaction of knowing a year later that the office went to hell after I left, but that's aside from trauma it left me with. The next job I did was stressful but because the work was demanding. I didn't have to deal with toxic co-workers and a toxic boss. Unfortunately I'm looking for another job because that job ended. I know how you feel. I'm anxious about what my next job will be like.

I'm glad you're here asking for advice. It's certainly a positive action. I think it will be different and maybe tough for sure, but can't see it being worse. If it is you'll have people to vent or exchange ideas with. Feel free to include me and message me any time. I can introduce myself formally then.

I know I'll be in your shoes soon, I hope. Cheers.

Kevin87 in reply to TyrSwmrSAC

You will be, Maybe it’s time for a new adventure! It was certainly nice to be in a new space and I hope you find the right fit soon. I always need to vent so I’ll definitely take you up on that offer

hi kevin how did your first day go hopefully not to bad.

Kevin87 in reply to kenster1

It was great, thank you!

kenster1 in reply to Kevin87

glad to hear it.

Congratulations and good luck! Yes it’s normal to feel a bit traumatized. I’ve been through it. Just be mindful and watch carefully to see who you can trust.

Very important lesson!

Very important lesson!

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