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Already feel like quitting new job

I've worked in different types of restaurants, warehouses, and construction. It doesn't matter where I work. I end up getting hit with a multitude of things mentally that all just contribute to me walking out on it.

Today was day 3 of this new small restaurant job and I already felt like driving my car into a wall on the way home. It's these subtle social cues and actions that are constantly taking place. I'm already an introverted person naturally, but being around very extroverted people who are constantly laughing is just taxing.

When people don't give the signal that they're the slightest bit interested in you, how are you supposed to insert yourself socially and have a good time? I'm thinking, Hey, I want to be laughing and having a good time too, so I should casually get involved, right? Sometimes this is easy.

I believe that even though we're all on this website, we do have times where we don't really have too much anxiety, and things are easy. You know why? Because those people were genuine, considerate individuals. Not fakers. It confused me today when this chick avoided eyes with me all day as if was medusa or something, then when it comes time where she has to say something to me in front of everyone, it's all super extra smiles?

There's gonna be a few fake people at every job but here it's like almost all of them.

I think my problem is I don't introduce myself to everyone at the start. Then it's just awkward from then on out. When you start somewhere, sometimes they show you around.. When you're trying to learn everything about the job I always just sort of skip the part where I'm supposed to introduce myself because it feels weird to begin with. Then what ends up happening is those people feel like strangers, and then my paranoia takes over, then it's the depression... downhill real fast. If you try to say 'whats up' later on, then they're like "okay?"...

But again.. it's these weird little social cues that prevent me. You can tell when someone isn't interested in meeting you. I try to tell myself that maybe they're just nervous too but the big picture never spells it out that way.

I had no concrete reason to feel crappy, but by the end of the day, I was showing my frustration real bad, and that only makes it worse.

"Just focus on the work""becomes impossible with all the built up pressure of 'was I right to look away earlier?' 'should I have commented there?' 'wow that was weird how I walked away after that just now'... every little thing starts to bottleneck because it's all coming in faster than I can assure myself that it's not a big deal.

If I work in jobs where it's somewhat isolated.. then I get all lonely and wish that I was in a social environment where I can make personal progress. I can't find a medium. I can't find something to stand on. It's getting harder and harder to get employed with my work history. I can't afford to shop around anymore but at the same time I always end up feeling trapped, scared and alone.

I wish I knew where I belong.

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Hi from reading your post I think it's because they don't know how to treat you. If people aren't sure of you they tend to avoid you as it's easier. It doesn't mean they are fake but polite. Also they don't know how you would respond to overtures of friendship.

It sounds like you are trying too hard as friendships happen naturally and as a matter of course rather than be forced. If you are in a group or surrounded by laughing people, look interested in the conversation or jokes and smile. You haven't got to say anything. They will automatically think you are ok. x

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I agree, sometime I think a lot around ppl at work and end up acting weird with them, I just have the problem of not being able to go to work because I'm scared of what ppl think about me and think they don't like me etc. it's so hard to find work when we r like this, I think there comes a time when u meet someone who understands tho- maybe u can find a place like that? Just try to not focus negative things, it's not easy sometimes I know- or else I would be going to work already ! Hope u feel better and u find the solution that is best for u

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You ever thought about having ur own business ? Because of how I am- I am now reading a lot about creating business online- good business need partners tho. Just a thought


I have the same problem. I have trust issues which makes it harder for me to form bonds. Also, the people here in DFW are different than what I'm used to. Most of them I have nothing in common with, and the rest are really fake and disrespectful. I can't advise you on how to cope in your environment because that is something I myself have yet to master.

I can tell you that I started a Meetup group in DFW that is full of people just like us. We're having our first meet and greet tomorrow in Arlington. You're more than welcome to join the group and share or just listen without judgement. Here's the links: You're invited to my new group "Life With Anxiety And Depression" on GroupMe. groupme.com/join_group/3458...

That is the chat group. It is private.

Check out Life with Depression and Anxiety meetu.ps/c/3y0nS/8bnjq/d on Meetup

That is the Meetup group. Also private.


Facebook group. Also private! 😁😁

If you plan to join, send me a msg and let me know it's you. We have about 20+ members and it growing. Hope to hear from you!


Are these in person groups only, or both online and in person. I would love to join as well, but I am no where near Arlington.

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They are both online and in person. Oh I assumed you were in the DFW area because the app said you are 20 miles away from my zip code. No worries though. You can still join the facebook and groupme apps. I have a few friends who participate from out of state. I would like to hear your input as we seem to have similar issues related to the workplace and personality clashes.


Try not to worry about what the other people are thinking an if u think it is cuz u don't introduce urself then start with something Ur comfortable able with so don't worry so much that Ur not functlion making things fun for u take the open mind aproach


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