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I feel like I'm going out of my mind with loneliness and depression. This grey, cold weather does not help things. People say to get involved with hobbies. What happens when you have absolutely ZERO interest in any kind of hobby? I do have one hobby-crafting-but I don't even want to do that anymore. I'm at my wits end.

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It’s ok to find another hobby. Look into it! Keeping the mind busy is key.

what hobbies did you enjoy when younger maybe you could get back into it or set out on doing something new.

Many years ago, I was into ceramics. I loved it, but after a while, there just wasn't anything I wanted to paint anymore, so I lost interest. I have all these craft supplies here now and at the moment am not doing anything with them.. I just have no interest anymore. ☹ Problem is, I've searched and searched and can't find any new hobbies that I AM interested in.

Maybe get into hobbies which you can share with others if you lonely? One example is if you like nature maybe you could join a rambling group? x

Yes-the ideal hobby would be doing something with other people. This house is driving me MAD!!

I was in a similar situation with craft stuff then I got a magazine subscription for Christmas and that helped. I’ve also joined some online groups and even though I never post what I make it helps to see what others make,. Then a friend taught me to crochet which inspired me as I could learn from YouTube and I felt I was achieving something without the pressure of having to be good at it. Hope you find something? The other thing I got into was reading /watching dvds as I could get them cheap at charity shops and was something I had enjoyed when I was a child.

Thank you. I'm still looking for a hobby. I have no idea what though.

Jus try a few things and see what you enjoy you will find something

That's the spirit 😀 How about volunteering somewhere? Or look for meet up type groups in your area? There are bound to be some that will get you of the house and give you some company. x

I'm too tired on weekends to volunteer. I belong to one meet-up group. But it's not hobby based. It's just that NOTHING appeals to me.

With depression you have to force yourself to do something before you find motivation. It's different from other illnesses in that respect. x

Thank you. Don't I know it. ☹

Sometimes we have hobbies and loose interest in them they can be short or long lived.you said you were interested in crafts this is one of my interests but I’m more into d.i.y s what I tended to do during a really dark time in my life I started doing a craft for each season and it really helped me I’ve done a d.i.y project for Christmas and I will do another one for New Years and Easter and so forth I usually look on you tube for ideas. I do go through stages where I don’t have the motivation and I find if I search for something to make a start on it helps.i also go on pin interest.sorry that your lonely could you find a way to socialise in the community or otherwise.the weather isa big factor when it comes to your mood have you tried to relax your mind through music that really helps me

Thank you! I do the exact same thing! I go on YouTube to look for ideas. In fall, I made my daughter a gorgeous wreath for her front door. I want to do the same for spring-for her AND for myself. I'm not sure what you mean about socializing in the community. There's nothing I can think of. I can't even relax my mind by music. It doesn't help me.Sometimes it gets me more depressed.

Sounds wonderful!I understand what you mean with music but I think it depends on the tempo I have to literally dance in my front room haha and pretend I’m enjoying myself it really helps my mood lol .but if I listen to classical type music or meditation it makes me feel worse .have you checked your local library sometimes volunteers hold clubs and things they Are usually free and you get to meet people ,local churches are also quite good and museums sometimes hold drawing clubs etc or other things

Museums are too far away, and as for churches and libraries-I guess I could find out. Thanks!

I know exactly how you feel. I feel so alone and my depression is so high I had to go out on disability from work due to stress. Now I sit at home not having the energy to do anything. I like to build things and have projects I can work on but no ambition to do anything.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I'm looking for one myself. ☹

Same here. My therapist tells me to get out every day. Do meditation. Etc.. Etc...

You would think I would feel just a little better. I do find guided meditation does help. I look it up on YouTube

"Get out every day". -the winters in New York are quite depressing. Cold and grey. Nothing but GREY. 😣

Yeah I’m in New York as well. We are having warm weather but raining all day. I usually go somewhere in the car. Wish I had a mall near me. Than I could walk the mall.

Same weather where I am. I don't drive, so it isolates me even more.

((((((((Hug))))))) I hear ya!

Have you tried using one of those light therapy lamps for the winter months? Seems to help me a little.

That's funny you mentioned that. I was looking into them last week.

I bought daylight bulbs for my lounge normal light fitting and at first they seemed really bright but now I think they do help. They are more expensive but worth it in the long run.

Cool. I have a little one called the verilux happy light.

Does it REALLY work? They have a bunch of different ones on Amazon.

I also got myself one of those alarm clocks that wakes you with a gradually brightening light that seems to help too.

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Alone48 in reply to Sarah1111111

That sounds cool, I'll have to check those out.

Yes, it helps. I also take a vitamin D supplement during the winter.

Well I just scared myself. I was reading up on them and it said it could make your eyes really sensitive. I have sensitive eyes to begin with.😕 I take Vitamin D all year round.

That's a bummer. Well technically the days are getting longer now, so there's that.

That's true!

Hi, try Diamond Art or Latch Hooking.

It helped tremendously for me.

I actually bought Diamond Art many months ago. It's still sitting here. The very small pieces will bother my eyes. I didn't realize the beads were SO small.

I love the wreath idea. That's a great craft. Try and stick with it. I think we just have to adjust the expectation of our goals.

Accept we won't get these things done as quickly. Accept that we may not be as excited to do it as before.

I was an avid reader before I got sick. I could read two books a week. Well, yesterday I read 3 pages. It's discouraging and sad. But 3 is better than none.

Do you exercise? It does help mind and body. I get my energy burst from it.

Exercise?? Not sure I've ever heard the word before! 😑


Check it out on google

Lol lol

I just did. Google said it's an extremely offensive word and never should be used on a health forum! 😂

You are funny. Let's skip that thought then.

Thanks for a good laugh


Hi when you have depression, you need to make yourself do things. I enrolled in an applied arts class with a great teacher - when I was paying for it and had other people around me it really worked. You can also tell your friends and family that they need to help with gently pushing you

I agree I paid for a ceramic workshop so that I had to leave the house as I had paid for it. I’d signed up for many free classes but then didn’t go because I didn’t feel up to it. Paying helped motivate me but mainly because one of my values isfrugality and the thought of wasting money is awful for me!

Yes find such little tricks to motivate yourself. I also have so many materials at home and never use them because I don’t have the motivation but a paid class or inviting people over to create things together motivates me :)

I also have so much stuff for making card etc but haven't got the motivation to do anything about it. Strangky, I keep ordering card stock off the internet and thinking I will use that when I feel better but I wonder if I ever will. It makes me feel so sad!

Yes at times I wonder if my hobby is collecting the papers and cards rather than actually making things!

Glad I'm ñot the only one!

I need a separate room for all my craft supplies. No joke. 😣

I hear you and feel your pain.

Perhaps you haven’t lost interest in your hobbies. Rather, they lost you and miss you.

Hey, this is a very hard time of the year. The days are short and the weather is cold. I myself deal with Seasonal Effectiveness Disorder (SAD) because of the lack of long hours of light.

33 years ago I was diagnosed with depression. Since then I’ve been on medication (Wellbutrin) and it has saved my life. No, the meds don’t make me Mr. Happy-Go-Lightly... but they certainly help me cope.

I’m not a big hobby or craftsperson. But there are simple things I like to do that brings me fulfillment... I love to read fiction novels; watch movies on my tablet; go out for a meal with a friend; post on this site; take short brief walks when the sun is out; and other various simple activities.

I hope you find what it is you’re looking for or if it finds you. But there are simple things out there to enjoy.



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Downandout123 in reply to MrZee

Thank you. I appreciate your post!

I like to bake, but have the world’s tiniest kitchen and no dishwasher. I would love a hobby, too! HealthUnlocked people help us with suggestions!

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Ragdoll15 in reply to Pooc

You could go to cookery classes and you would also meet people with the same interest.

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Sarah1111111 in reply to Pooc

I love card making as there is a purpose to it, but also crochet a lot and used to bake. Maybe this year I will aim to get out the baking things and try again.

I shoot pool. I cook now. I hate it and like it. I’m involved with the animal shelter punishing people until they donate an old blanket. I crochet but that’s for brain health. For total mind/body health I have to get up and get out.

I think hobbies are definitely an important part of our life. Try to find a really good and interesting one, that would be great for you. I couldn't find a hobby for a long time, but recently I've become interested in online-games and I really enjoy playing them here arabian-roulette.com/ Some will say it's not a hobby or smth, but it's quite catchy for me. I think you should give some time to yourself and you'll find what you really like.

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