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Last treatment?


On my way to what I hope will be my last treatment with ketamine and ECT. Spoke with my psychologist yday and his advice was to make clear that I have been feeling suicidal since starting ECT. I’ll update y’all later.

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You'll be in my thoughts today. HUGS!


I suggest that maybe your psychologist might want to advise you join a group. Any group at all. alonon aa bereavement adult children yoga free intro groups at the Y if possible Rieki groups meditation groups anything for donation any meetups post a flier at massage schools that you will be happy to for someone to practice on.

Join a few churches holy cow just going from home to work is boring make one or two nights or days to take a bus ride or train to somewhere new. $1.50 back and forth on a bus is $3.00 and then to walk around in a new area buy a coffee that’s probably 2.75. Take some photos. There could be a support group for others who did Your treatment? Can you ask to start one?

I watched this movie called all the money in the world it was pretty good.

I like once in a while if I save up for painting a sculpted unicorn or horse it’s $19.00 then I go home with one. I get to sit with children and eat popcorn.

I agree with the suggestion somebody else made to join some groups. That is what I am doing and it does help a little bit at least.

Just got home. My husband and I spoke with the doc before my treatment — he said that although a smallish percentage (10-15) of people don’t benefit from ECT, he (the doc) isn’t ready to say I’m one of em. We’re going to try two more ECT treatments & also he made a change to one of my meds that he said is may be affecting the seizure quality, whatever that means.

I’ve been crying since I got home. Im not opposed to the support group idea it’s just that at the moment I feel so despondent I don’t think I could carry on a meaningful conversation about it. I need a little time.

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