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Tics and ocd tendancies

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This is really sensitive topic for me to talk about , but since my anxiety worsened i started getting these tics or i guess you can call them ocd tendancies .. , they are not severe or anything, but its usually hard for me to stay still , i sometimes get these urges to do certain movements like stretch my legs, point my toes, crack my fingers constantly, blink more , simple stuff that dont seem weird like other people woth ocd or tourettes or idk ,but its a bit concerning , and its not something that has been always there , like its related to my anxiety i suppose or its seperate im not sure, it definitely gotten a tad bit worse with my anxiety, and also when its cold , my limbs get cold very easily and i get these urges to do certain movements more frequently when its cold , it doesnt affect my life or anything because i can control it when i need to (well mostly) but its hard .. and its a bit annoying sometimes , Looking back at this year of anxiety , these tendancies also took over some other things , like my anxiety caused a few weird habits that my family have been asking me a bit about them , like showering much more than regular , and becoming more of a germophobe i guess , and obsessive with certain details .. i know that with anxiety it can cause these tics sometimes and maybe its temporary and even if it is ocd its normal but i feel like im a freak 🤦🏻‍♂️

I wanted to rewrite this post maybe 5 times but i dont want to sugarcoat it ☹️, i was mainly scared of what people would think

And if i talked about it , it would make it true...

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Definitely an ocd anxiety thing. I did weird movements and such when I was living at home because of ongoing abuse. When I was about to lose my mind before my hospitalization, I was compelled to repeat certain phrases in my mind that made no sense at all. Don't really have the answers but I can certainly relate.

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Thank you so much, great to see someone who understand, i have lived with anxiety for most of my life without knowing it was anxiety, when i finally knew what it was, you would think i felt relieved for having an answer, but i felt the opposite , i gotten worse and my health mentally and physically deteriorated , i hit rock bottom

And years back i would get some of these ocd ticks or anxiety caused ticks idk what they are but i would get these urges and not know what they are but now that im grown up a bit and im aware of these things, im picking up the pieces of the puzzle

I relate to you on every level, i suffered home abuse , and it really took a hit on my mental health , my moms camcer diagnosis and my parents divorce really made me a fragile shell, and in december 2018 i really cracked after a very rough couple of months , i hope the best for you ❤️

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Thank you. I'm so sorry for your pain. I have a child now and try to give her my best. Remember those times for when one day if you have a child. We have to stop this cycle.

What you describe isn't ticks. Ticks are involuntary movements e.g. jerking head in one direction, eye randomly looking upwards stuff like that.

You seem to be discharging excess tension, with intentional movements.

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Thank you fibrofoggy for your input..

That makes a lot of sense. :) xx

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Thank you for explaining this, its definitely possible that this is dueto some tension , eventhough my anxiety is much improved and i can go weeks without any attacks (or atleast weeks without a severe one)recently im mostly getting mild attacks that are short lived or no anxiety at all , which after almost a year of hardwork is finally doing its job ;)

So im not sure i thought its from the anxiety because i hear alot about he ocd tendancies or some of the things that accompany anxiety for some people

Anyway sorry for the long speech , thank you for the help nevertheless

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I have not been noticing any difference even with my reduced anxiety , because for some reason the cold is causing these urges to worsen , and possibly increasing my anxiety without me realizing, but if you have any advice that would be nice ;)

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If its any consolation I stretch my feet too, its because they get stiff, especially in the cold. I'd say its your body self regulating. Most of the important work of the body just happens, without conscious direction.

Being self conscious about it is anxiety, as everyone stretches and flexes all the time, without a second thought.

Perhaps you can use an indirect procedure and consciously make yourself do the movements as often as you can. Instead of trying to stop them. This may help you realise its fine to do this, you aren't hurting anyone. And if you feel silly then its an exercise in overcoming embarrassment.

It's an experiment, nothing more, it may or not work. But it doesn't matter you're just giving yourself choices in how to react to stimuli (i.e. anxiety).

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I have similar issues - mainly having to stretch my ankles and feet out flat. I am treated for anxiety as well. It's annoying but it's nothing like being suicidal, so I roll with it. Thanks for sharing this Kevin!

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thank you for your feedback, yes definitely i can roll with it as well, im still thankful for everything , i just was concerned that this could be another cause to it , eventhough i think its from some of the anxiety im getting every now and then, i dont take meds so my journey and all the coping mechanisms were mostly natural , im much better now thankfully but the symptoms of anxiety come and go , and for a while i have been noticing that these urges are getting stronger and a bit more annoying , they are not so bad though ;)

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I am having

This exact same

Thing !! It just started slowly with clearing


Throat and then I started getting

This urge

To blink more and

Roll my eyes then people started noticing it .

I went through a separation and moved out

On my

Own and I completely lost control. I was twitching and


All sorts of weird face

Movements .

It’s shameful and embarrassing that I can’t control it even though I can . It’s voluntary but I have the urge now I have developed social anxiety from it because it’s so embarrassing I never want anyone to see it. My doctor says it’s from anxiety and it’s not Tourette’s but I just want


To go the F away so I can have my life back. It’s all I think about I think it must be a form of ocd obsessively

Thinking about doing

Compulsive things . Then it becomes habit and it’s hard

To break because it has become my new normal. The anxiety is always there :( I totally understand where

Your coming and hate to hear someone else is going

Through it but glad we

Can relate . It is just

So awful and


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I repeat phrases, I stutter when saying things I am scared of, I pick hair and I sway back and forth sometimes - I have OCD.

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