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How much does my dog understand?


Hi I know this is a strange question but how much do you think a dog understands? Lately I've been having a very hard time staying attached to my partner, and my depression is bad but on days where I'm super detached and having alot of non logical thoughts my dog hides by my partner and looks at me shaking.

Does anyone think she can sense how far my depression is taking me down? Or maybe she just doesn't like me anymore ?

I'm just so emotionaly tired

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No but she is fearful of you do you do a lot of shouting?...good thing is they live in the present so don’t hold grudges nice to doggy

No we don't yell , I don't do yelling

I've had her for over 10 years I love her as a child I'd never do anything not nice to her she's also my esa buddy

What kind of dog is she?mine definitely knows when I’m feeling down

Jack Russell shitzo

I think dogs are very attuned to their owners emotions so she is very worried and doesn't know what to do. I have read that the most intelligent dogs understand as much as a 5 year old child which is amazing. x

Thanks 😊

Junella in reply to hypercat54

I think this is the answer. She is stressed over your unhappiness. This may be the time she needs more petting and love shown her--you need the closeness too. When I was a frightened teenager, my dog seemed to know my moods and would become moody himself. When I became afraid of lightening storms, he did to and would hide.

It is amazing how close we become to animals. I became very depressed when I lost my large cat two years ago. He was 16. It has taken a long time to get over it--he was closer than friends.

I think your dog is worried for you and doesn’t know what to do. It needs to be told you’re okay so it goes to your SO. Perhaps lie down on the floor and let your dog cuddle. Hormones are released in both of your brains when you touch your pet. It will help you both.

My dog used to be right there beside me on my worst days. If I was crying he would push his way into my arms.

He always laid right up against my body. Like he was protecting me.

Def lay on the floor and let him come to you. That's a great idea. He will soothe you. You won't believe how emotionally calming they can be.

Mine is asleep on my feet now.. so I can’t move without her 😊

Do not disturb 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

She is probably dreaming of fish and chips 😀😁 xx

She’s on a diet ..been eating too many pork pies lately 😊


My dogs (3) follow my every move about the house. It's like have body guards. Yeah they know your mood when you're not well and mine seem to really get my butt out of bed if I try to sleep all day. Sometimes though they are sick and they can't say anything but hope you notice too. Maybe there is something else going on. Just a thought. Mine are all cuddling on my bed next to me waiting for me to get off this laptop even now.

Animals understand some emotions pretty well - like sadness or happiness.

Not like "Oh, geez, I am so happy that you are happy, and will now earn more and have better life". They just enjoy the moment.

You say your dog hides behind your Partner and looks at you shaking..

Who's doing the shaking, You or the Dog Because if it's your dog thats doing the.

shaking it means that he is very nervous .If he starts shaking and trembling at the same time,, then that means she's not only nervous but frightened and it can also cause her to Panic.because she don't know what to do.?????

Why don't you just sit on the floor,and tap the floor to get her to come to you.

Then make a fuss of her and give her a cuddle. Perhaps she has got something going on with his as well,but she can't speak to tell you. Dogs are more intelligent than some Humans. They can sense when something is wrong.

Mine used to sense when I was coming home from work,even though I used to work Shifts. She would walk up and down the kitchen and then sit by the back door. So I always had a cup of tea ready for me as soon as I got in.

I don't think that it's because she doesn't like you anymore. Its probably because she can sense something is wrong. Be nice to her.and she'll Love you for it.

Show her how much you Love her and she'll give that love right back to you.

Because that is how dogs are..

Hi thanks for the response it turns out she was mad at me because I took her sweater off as soon as I washed and out it back on her she stopped hiding behind him and was my buddy again. Now she's doing the same thing because I have been giving the cat and her treats and she gets saulky because the cat gets a treat so she sits on his lap skaking and staring at me until I give just her a special treat and pay no attention to the cat than she's bake to loving me. She's super smart. And moody

Gjkas in reply to Itsjustmeagain

Doggies are really supersmart and intelligent.

Don't worry. She loves ❤you ,perhaps shes just jealous of the Cat.

She wants you all to herself.

Yeah she loves you. ❣

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