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I’m at college for the first time in a fashion school. I’m finding it really hard to make friends and it’s making my anxiety and depression worse. In our classes we sit have a lecture and leave in our clubs we are given a power point of objectives and we leave. There’s such little interaction with other people I don’t know what to do

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Oooooo. Fashion school. That's exciting! Do you sketch outfits and see? Or am I on the wrong track?

Oops. Was supposed to read " sew"

I feel for you. I have have a really hard time socializing. I hope things get better for you.

I'm an introvert, and the first months of college were lonely for me too. A couple of ideas: Be the initiator. Start a club or organize a trip. That makes people want to connect with you. Or, find a hangout spot that works for you. Keep going back so people start to recognize you. Hang in there. It always takes a while to make connections after a big move.

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Thanks so much Ill definitely try initiating more hang outs with people. What hang out spots do u suggest I don’t really know of any in my school

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Sorry, I was offline for a while. I'm thinking like coffee shops or other study locations, or a gym or rec center. In my college days it was the outdoors club where I connected with people and made friends. Keep going out and one friend will lead to another!

I definitely agree with @onthetrail!!! Great tips. I felt super lonely in college but oddly enough was never “alone” on campus, someone always recognized me somewhere and I socialized quite a bit , but this was on campus . I had anxiety trying to initiate taking interactions/social situations off campus. But, like Trail the initiator .It’ll seem shaky at first , but put yourself out there!! I didn’t make “college” friends and those I was getting closer to, moved away by sophomore yr. I have , now, in my mid-late 20s found an app -VINA app and have made friends there. Technology has come a loooong way ,huh?! I judged myself ,at first , (because it was online :/ instead of in-person, at first ) , but hey , it was someplace where I finally connected with ppl.

Saying all of this to say—- put yourself out there ^^ (look to @onthetrail ‘s post) ..also there’s apps like Bumble or VINA app that give you opportunities to meet new ppl. You’ll be fine. Continue to be YOU and be confident.

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Thanks I’ll definitely check out VINA and bumble

Don't try to Hard, you'll seem Desperate. Join small clubs were it would be more One on One.

Hey. Congratulations on starting college! it’s always a challenge to make new friends for everyone. One thing to note, social skills are SKILLS and skills can be learned. You start out as a novice and get to mastery the more you practice. The trick is to not let any blunders get you down and keep picking yourself up and trying again. And to actively learn, read books and articles and try techniques experts suggests. Try things that resonate with you. And always, always take care of your physical and mental health when you need to. Good luck! 😊

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Thanks so much!

Congrats on starting college, what an exciting time! It is normal to feel nervous at first but perhaps there are clubs you could join at the college. Is there a local church with a young adults group? That can be a great way to meet new people in the area. Best wishes to you!

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