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Feeling down and feel like giving up


I am so down. Week 5 of 100mg sertraline up until last Saturday had 11 out of 18 days but since Saturday have gone down hill and feel terrible woke again at 4am and have felt so down since. 2nd day of taking 40mg propranolol but have not felt any effect apart from hot across my shoulders. I am so down don’t know what to do still sign off work but doctor wants me to try and go back on Monday but I still like this I don’t think I can manage it. Feel like giving up at the moment

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I had a friend tell me once that I had two choices when faced with ongoing negative situations. One: I could tie a knot in the proverbial rope and hold on. Or, two, I could untie the knot and let go. Knowing when to do which is the problem. I find that just putting one foot in front of the other a day at a time works best.

Seems to me you aren't doing well on sertraline or propamolol

How was you without medication?

I was on paroxetine for 20years which stopped working and went straight onto sertraline in August



I don't know you, so this is not advice but from my personal experience, I think it could be caused by a couple of things.

It might be the changes to your medications that are influencing the mood changes. If you can ride things out for a little longer, the dark cloud can lift.

Another possibility, can you trace back to when you were first feeling down? Maybe some thought that triggered bad feelings? If this is so, can you challenge that thought or if it is true, can you do something to change it? I feel like my depression is tied to feeling hopeless and powerless, if something actually can be changed, I take steps to get out of it.

I wish you the best!

Don’t give up I am here for you I am on the some table as you been on them now for over 2 years I am a Psychiatric Nurse so please talk to me xx

Please get back to me xx

Jwell53 in reply to Teddy45

I have been on 100mg sertraline for nearly 6 weeks before that I was on 25mg for 2 weeks and then 50mg for 4 weeks after stopping paroxetine on 21st July 2019 after they stopped working after being on them for 20years. I am finding it hard to put up the anxiety and panic along with the low moods whilst I am waiting to stabilise. I have tried diazepam and phenergan but neither really worked. I have now been on 40mg propranolol since Tuesday and only managing to sleep for around 3 - 4 hours without the anxiety waking me up

Jwell53 in reply to Teddy45

You never replied to me ????

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