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Any social workers on board? Or, any one conversant with the process of applying for subsidized senior housing?

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My living situation is currently in a state of flux. Googling only leaves me more confused than ever.

Due to the lockdown, local social service agency offices are closed. Emails and voice mails have gone unanswered. I desperately need help in navigating the learning curve.

tia for taking the time to read my post and any suggestions you may have to offer.

eta: here in the U.S.

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I am a Therapist. How can I help you?

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What I’m needin’ is for someone to help steer me along the learning curve in applying for housing for low income seniors. Apartments where the rent is based on a percentage of your retirement income

I believe that the program is funded through HUD?

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Its appreciated.

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In the US if you're talking about Section 8 that is indeed administered by HUD; however, management of that can fall to the state, county or city you live in depending on where you are. Section 8 is for anyone who qualifies at an income level not just seniors. Some states take federal funds and administer their own programs. It really can be quite confusing. You can add low income elderly and/or disabled living establishments to the mix that get their funding from many avenues including grants, non-profit, federal and state programs and you're now 'in the weeds' so to speak.

How do you navigate this? Most states have an established agency that deals specifically with concerns such as health, transportation and housing for seniors of low income. This agency is usually 'quasi-government' meaning they are not civil servants, but they do answer to one or more civil entities. You may need to qualify for specific programs and there is, more than likely, a waiting list for services. These services are not usually managed by any government entity.

I would start by searching for 'aging low income seniors STATE' where STATE is the state you live in.

Hope that helps.

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I would check to see if your town has a "senior center" . My city (of about 120,000) has one and they have a wealth of information along with advocates to help seniors navigate the process.

Hello smoothseas and Welcome to the group.

Feel useless to help you on this as I'm in the UK.

However, the other day I saw mention of dialling 211 .

If you want to read a bit more about this before calling , just Google - "211 in the US"

Obviously, I can't make a personal recommendation as I haven't used the service but do hope they can help direct you to the right person/ organisation.

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Can you get the newspaper and find the ads and just rent a room and bathroom with a shared kitchen? Or rent a studio? Both options are pretty cheap. Can you call the helpline 411 or I think 211 (don't remember) to hook you up with some resources? How old are you? Just curious? I'm 34. My DREAM is to have a STUDIO all of my own with my husband not around with a bed that pops outa the wall. And I'm high up, have a window with a view and can do all my crafts and art. I'm in a 2 bedroom I bath apt right now. Oh well. Maybe one day!

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Do you mind saying what state you are in?

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Florida currently, but I've found sanctuary with and old friend and former roommate in Milwaukee, so I'm relocating up there, and then will have the time to reassess.

Handling the winters may porove to be problematic, though. Thanks for your reply.

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Oh my! Leaving FL, well I hope you come back to here, my FL fellow resident! Good luck! Maybe a heated blanket! And hot tea! Or cocoa! For those winters, yikes! (I used to love in CO) Glad to be here in FL now. Orlando.

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Can you apply online or find some help here?

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