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A bad day today is a lot better than a bad day was six months ago


Today I’m feeling some slight anxiety and some annoyance.

Six months ago I was having panic attacks.

Today I feel a little wishful, because I wish my bf was more affectionate.

Six months ago, we lived in separate households 80 miles apart.

Today, my noisy coworkers are getting on my nerves.

Six months ago, I was unemployed.

I have a better set of problems now.


I KNOW all this is true.

So WHY is part of my mind trying to get me anxious again? WHY?

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It's hard to remember to appreciate how far you've come, so I'm glad you can!

Today I'm feeling bad that I'm not free of anxiety, but several weeks ago, I was panicking every day at work.

Congrats to you on the awareness you have and that you are able to use it to shift your perspective into more of a positive direction.

I love your positive point of view. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me too! May you walk in peace and may the great become greater yet!💛


I love this!

Wow, great perspective and lots to celebrate in the past 6 months! Maybe the "why" for your question is found in the truth about habits. Though much has changed for you in the past 6 months, you may have spent MANY MORE months prior to this with negative or anxious/panic habits. It takes time for our new thoughts/responses to become the new constant habit instead of the old one still having priority. Does that make sense?

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