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Rough night


I can’t sleep again my body feels weird and like a weird vibrating sensation almost like my whole body is shaking hard to explain its terrifying me and I’m doing my best not to call 911 all i can do is cry cuz I just want to sleep wirh feeling like I’m going crazy with these weird sensation numbness and tingling throughout my body i miss sleep but it scared me cuz of how I feel

I feel like I’m going to die 😭

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your gonna be fine your probably overthinking right now ive been there and i went to the ER once and they said i was fine.

Stephanie89 in reply to youn

Thank you yes I been to the er about 8 times this year already and say it’s my anxiety

I am so sorry that you had a rough night. I went to the ER 10 times in one year. Finally ending up in the psych ward for 8 hours because I admitted that I thought of harming myself. That was probably the worst day of my life. When I finally saw the psychiatrist on call that day, he said I did not belong there, I wasn't going to harm myself, and that I was suffering from panic and anxiety. That day stopped my ER visits. I told my husband to never take me there again, no matter how much I begged to go. I told you this to let you know you are not alone, I know where you are at and just how scary it can be. I have good days when I think its finally over and then I will get hit with panic and feel like I am back to square one. I am here if you ever need to chat.

I to myself went to the mental facility because I said I wanted to harm myself was there 3 days and was horrible I knew that is not where I was suppose to be even the counselor told me I should be there that I needed extensive therapy I been seeing a therapist but I just hate how I’m doing good then bam it hits me again but with vengeance my body feels like jelly and it took me until about almost 5 in the morning to finally calm down and go to sleep it’s horrible and thank you for letting me know I’m alone I was actually having a wonderful night until this happened

Are you on any meds? I have constant nausea and some dizziness. They have checked me for everything possible and everything comes back just great. Then the Dr. says it just anxiety. I do not see how anxiety can do all this to a person, but I guess it can.

No i am not taking meds just currently seeing my therapist weekly

Me to they checked me for everything I found out I do have low vitamin d and pre cervical cancer cells that’s about it but everything else comes back great my brain ct scan Emmy heart ultrasound and holter monitor everything

Me to it my dr and therapist says all this is anxiety related it’s crazy how much it can do to ur body

I couldn’t believe it and I have my days where it’s still hard to believe because at times I feel like I have something really wrong other than anxiety

Oh yeah, It is so hard to really believe that anxiety can cause all these symptoms. I still find it almost impossible to really accept it is anxiety. I was doing a lot better then the last couple of weeks it seems like I am back to square one. Waking up every morning already in panic mode. I don't know if I will ever be back to my old self. I miss her so much!

I know how u feel sometimes I don’t except it either and think I’m dying of something drs still haven’t found what it is

I find the same thing happens to me I do miss me so much too I’m hoping to get back to myself I hope I will be that happy person again who loves life

I sure do hope that for all of us. No one could possibly understand this unless they have suffered like we do. I would not wish these horrible feelings on anyone. It is truly debilitating. If you need me, I am here.

I know nobody understand how I get sometimes my family gets mad and upsets and say I create or stop I can’t I wish it was that easy but I have hope one day all this will stop

I can def relate. I’ve been using essential oils and reading a lot of books on our condition. It helps.

I use lavender body was a pillow mist to help me sometimes it does but not always

I have that same buzzing body feeling as well. Very frustrating. I’m sure it’s nothing, or so I keep telling myself.

Stephanie89 in reply to Gmfc

I told my therapist and dr about it and they all told me it’s anxiety related it’s just a scaring feeling

Im sorry 😔 that must be stressful

Have you tried all the techniques to wind your body and mind down and relax before sleep? Including no technology a hour before the time you want to sleep ... medication or relaxation videos on you tube ?

Hope something helps

Stephanie89 in reply to Hope4321

Thank you he sits very difficult

I actually but this lavender spray on my pillow and all over bed and finally I was able to go to sleep at 5 this morning

Oh my friend.. I know exactly what you mean. I deal with it EVERYDAY and EVERY NIGHT. It’s tiring.. but we have a purpose and lessons to be learned. I been suffering for maybe 7 years now and it’s still brand new each time. I too don’t wanna live like this, in fear mainly. Im here, we’re all here.

Yes I know that feeling everyday I get the sensations to just someday are more intense then others and I must say it does feel brand new and scares me I just need to be strong I’m sorry u suffered from this for a long time I’m going on 2 years wirh mine and it’s so horrible praying one day this all goes away

Message me anytime if you ever need a friend

Thank you I appreciate it ❤️

Oh my, bless your heart! 7 years... I am going on 4 years and I just realized today I don't even know if I remember how to be happy and normal. I do remember being so very happy and always feeling good. It's been so long though that I don't know if I can ever get there again. My story is so long that I won't bore everyone with all the details but I did find out after that first year of suffering that I have celiacs disease. I don't know if that makes it worse or if I just have anxiety, panic, and depression, all brought on by vertigo. High doses of prednisone and then that awful first panic attack. All down hill from there. I pray to God we can all get back our old lives.

Oh no I’m sorry I meant 2 years u been longer than me and this is so horrible

I remember being happy and normal to but I got so used to

Being this way I wonder what’s going to happen when all my symptoms disappear that’s day I will cry tears of joy and thank god for answering my prayers

I’m sorry I have that disease and it triggered everything to happen me I really pray u get ur happy life back and all this can become part of the past

I myself have vertigo

Idk how all this happened it happens so sudden from one day to the next idk me being overwhelmed and what not but I have hope I will be again we have to have that hope that why i keep

Going and pushing for my kids to to be that mom I know I am this isn’t me I know what kind of person and I’m going to get her back

Don’t know why they haven’t given me anything just to take over the counter vitamin d what is the normal level for vitamin d

Yeah that’s a little odd the normal range is 30 and mine was 10 urs is still low they should of prescribed u some but not as high as mine it makes a big difference in how ur body feels I know I feel the difference

Did you have back and leg pain

Yes it would hurt a lot at night and like going pain to it hurt so bad I kept telling my dr so he tested me for it sure enough it was low

I been getting a lot of muscle twitching I’m scared it’s like MS have you experienced twitching it started this week nonstop

Sorry your going through it know how you feel I have a funny sensation can’t explain I also have low vitamin D dr says it can be the reason I’m so scared can’t sleep back and legs hurt can’t focus

I’m sorry u are suffering from this as well

I hate those sensations they send me to panic mode real fast

I myself to have low vitamin d I am taking 50,000 units and I’m on my 5th week I noticed that my body aches have almost subsided my bones all over my body hurt so bad and felt really really tired now that I’m taking my pills for it it’s help a lot I hope it helps u if u are prescribed medication for it

I feel that too but the vibration shaking it’s internal is that your feeling

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