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Health anxiety go away


In the last day alone I gave panicked about a sore spot on my back thinking it's a tumor.this morning I got pulsating in my palm under my thumb and my thumb twitches a bit and my pinky and middle finger at different times so I googled ALS. Last year I saw a neurologist for the same reason and he said it's nothing , but it is anxiety and to get back on my meds so I'm trying not to stress . Now just got a canker sore on tongue. So my back hand and tongue have been on my mind and I'm trying to shake it

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I had the same kind of day little tingles in back of leg the more I freak the more I feel it. I also get little twiches all over but from what I have read you would have really bad muscle weakness before twitching if it was als so you can rest knowing it's just anxiaty. However it is such a struggle. Sometimes I just think I can't go another day like this.

Lynl in reply to Kg00

The part that scares me is both arms by the top of elbows are sore sometimes if I carry things or work out , but not weak , then I look into Parkinson's , my doc last year said no , but I worry this might be different because I can't stop worrying. My left hand at rest my thumb is slightly moving back and forth but then stops, so I feel like maybe I should call the neuro again?

I try remembering what the doctor said , but then I think maybe this is different . Ugh! I'm so mad at myself , but I really see and feel things

Maybe you could try posting little notes around your homef saying, "I am strong and healthy." You could decorate them if you want. Your brain is giving you a lot of false messages. I encourage you to stay off the internet and not look up every symptom you have. If you're truly worried, call your doctor.

Good luck - you can beat this!

Lynl in reply to Windy101

Thank you, I called my doctor and he said it does not sound like anything severe that it sounds all benign, such as may be a nerve compression or carpal tunnel and it said just give it a month and most likely it'll just go away and if not then he will do an EMG test to see if there is any nerve compression's but he said it's not worrisome, this was not an appointment it was over the phone but she does remember me keila I'm sure I drove him crazy enough on the phone and in person last year

Good for you for calling. Now that you have a good plan with your doc, you can focus on things that are more fun!

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