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Tired of having no one to talk to


All of my friends are constantly telling me "you can always talk to me" but that's not true. They either belittle it or brush over it when it comes to my issues and I just feel so alone all of the time

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It's possible they just don't know what to say or do. it doesn't necessarily mean they don't care, they may just not have the life experience to relate. You can come here and share. I know it's not the same as in-person, but you are not alone.

Agora1 in reply to Sober2007

Very true Sober, very true xx


I understand what you mean. I think some people just say things like this to be nice, but just being nice isn't enough. It's nice to know someone actually cares, and they won't just talk to you, but actually want to talk to you.

TheMeg in reply to Hidden

Exactly. Everyone is so selfinvolved. Even good things I try to share hey brushed aside

Tealb in reply to TheMeg

Couldn't have said it better myself, I constantly feel like I'm being ignored. Like what I have to say isn't important. Even if it's in a conversation that someone else has started & all the group are having input. It's as though my voice just isn't heard.

mrmonk in reply to Hidden

Agree with this completely.

I feel like when it comes to mental health people just don't understand. I think people are taught to undermine or devalue emotions and our minds because they get in the way of our worlds' functioning systems. It's hard to understand what goes on in someone's mind and if it gets in the way of 'what just needs to be done' then people stop caring. I feel like the more I tell people what goes on in my mind, the more its obvious that as long as my problems don't impeed on anyone else or me being a fuctioning adult then my problems get a supportive response but if not people will belittle or brush of my feeling and what I go through. Does that relate?

TheMeg in reply to LemonTree14

Sort of. But some of my friends have a lot of anxiety issues themselves and still aren't there. I had a "friend" who texted me that she felt like a failure because someone asked if she remembered to water plants, yet acted like I was crazy when I said I had to address cleaning my apartment as a few small tasks at a time so as to not get overwhelmed. It's incredibly frustrating.

I agree .. I think people don’t understand how much of a struggle mental health is because they can’t physically see it .. and it sucks .. I found that going to group therapy I didn’t feel as alone . I think sometimes people mean well but they don’t take the time out to try and really understand what you’re going through, because they haven’t been there .

Even though it may feel like it ... this foes not always mean that they do not care for you . Sometimes life just gets in the way jobs, family, etc. And sometimes they don’t know how to deal with someone that has depression or anxiety the best way. I’ve found journaling and this place to be the best way to let out all my thoughts .

It’s a difficult one 😔 I go through this too. I always think I’m there to listen to everyone but where are they for me . So I learnt the hard way not to rely on others to make me feel better. Only I know what’s really best . X

Hi there!

I am in the same boat as you right now. I have been going through this with some friends of mine that I actually cut contact with because it was getting to the point that these friends turned out to not be real friends. But, the always talk to me seems like only a line to fill in the conversation, but the real issue that people have when it comes to the issue of not supporting you is they do not know how to talk to you and on top of that they do not want to be a listen ear because that is a counselors obligation (someone else's job). Truthfully though, when friends are doing this it can also be that they are not your real friends, but instead they are just an association. But going off of what others have already said, if some of your friends have issues related to anxiety then maybe you can reach out to them and ask them what is causing them such and then you can connect to them by hearing them out by finding the common ground through listening and I am in hope that when you take this step that your friends will reach out and do the same. You did not mention your age, but something I found helpful was getting involved in stuff in the community or the school I was attending to learn more about myself and others because I found that we make friends based on similarity rather than differences, yet it is differences that bring us together more because of the spark of interest that comes out from doing so.

I found writing down my feelings and stresses to be extremely helpful and I did think about starting a blog or after school class about this at my school. I wanted it to be a creative writing and life skills class as coping skills and the skills it takes to deal with people are not well prioritized in my view when we are going though school and life as a whole. We are taught to get things done without considering the energy, time, or effort it took to get to the conclusion.

I saw one's comment that mentioned something about people getting caught up in their own lives and this is also true because this will affect their attention and willingness to hear you out when you need it. I found it helpful to be on here to reach out to people because all become our own community. Just know that we are all here for you and will be no matter what you feel needs to be talked about.

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