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Waking up


I wake up every morning in complete terror. Dispair, panic, depression....to the point that its maddening. Anyone else have this? In the evening anout an hour or two after i take my seroquel xr i feel pretty normal...from like 7, 8 until about 1 in the morning. Then i guesd.it.wears off in my sleep and i wake.up horrified and super depressed. I usually get up, smoke a cig, and try to go back to sleep. Its worse this morning cuz.im.in a different hoise and have to drive an hour into a different city to have my pscy dr appt. Im praying we can do a med change.that will help me. Mornings are always hard and the feeling of total doom is really.intense, esp this morning. Just looking for support...and to see.if anyone else has this issue

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First thing in the morning is a bad time for anxiety for many people. I used to think it was a chemical thing, cortisol levels are at their peak at 8a.m. Cortisol is a fight or flight hormone we don't need a big dose of any more. Some people find drinking a cup of green tea on waking is helpful as it contains L-Thianine which counteracts the cortisol. Some find it helpful, others don't.

I believe that anxiety on waking is because we suddenly realise we have a new day, a new set of problems to cope with. And although we are as good as anybody at solving problems when you have anxiety disorder problems seem ten times more formidable than normal. Our over sensitive nerves exaggerate the problems making mountains out of molehills. That's why I think first thing in the morning is a bad time for anxiety levels.

Of course, a diazepam or xanax tablet lifts this anxiety instantly. But failing that I suggest the following which is well known: on waking lie on your back and take a slow deep breath, hold it a few seconds, then breathe out very slowly through pursed lips. Repeat the process a number of times. It's said that this releases natural tranquillisers that calm anxiety. Worth a try.

At least you know that what you experience is very common. When your anxiety disorder is resolved it will trouble you no more. I hope your change of meds is helpful and gives you respite.

Delmaria111 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you honey. Unfortunately xanax or valuim doesnt lift my anxiety...it can help ease it...but my issues are far too intense, i guess...sometimes i can beat it and i do well with the anxiety but then the depression; that horrific demon rises up to pull me down. I constantly get stuck in mental loops...i really need this appt :( im praying there are meds that will help like the seroquel does in the evening...im always so depressed and terrified...i considered inpatient but i dont think that would help. Last resort kind if thing.

Elfje in reply to Delmaria111

How you doing now with your serogeul?

I if I wake up fast one xanax

Not always helpful but it gone help a bit

There is no wondermeds

But I know it's hard

car103 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you for this educational response. This is my experience every morning. I try to set things up the night before for success and that works only sometimes. Every morning is a fight.

Elfje in reply to Jeff1943

True all the do with cortisol

Is high in the.morning

And I know because I wake up like this every morning

It's really not nice

This same thing has been happening to me a lot. In fact I’m just getting off an overnight shift and I’m trying not to cry bc I feel so anxious, depressed and total gloom. I just got back from 3 weeks over in Europe and it’s been hard adjusting back. I’m currently taking Zoloft 75mg and klonopin and Xanax 0.5mg as needed. Trying to slowly go back up to 100mg Zoloft. Do you sleep well at night bc I’ve found that I don’t and it effects my mood a ton. If you need to cry to get it out and feel better do it! That helps me a lot.

I manage to get okay sleep with help of melatonin and the fact that i almost always feel better in the evenings after i take my seroquel xr. I usually sleep midnight-ish until like 7 am. Its mornings and daytime until about 7, 8 pm that are so rough.

I always feel worst in the mornings, too. I wish I could offer useful advice. I hate anxiety and I wish it would go away and leave me alone.

Delmaria111 in reply to Kat63

Im not gonna lie, its nice to know im not alone, but this site can reallly, really get me scared and drag me down in the fact that so many people have felt so hopeless for so long. Im wondering if the people who say this are on the right meds, or if they also have really bad lives and that adds to it, or whats going on there but it makes me despair GREATLY. Most of the time this site scares me and makes me feel hopeless with these responses/posts of hopelessness

Agora1 in reply to Delmaria111

Delmaria, thank you for your honesty. After all this is where we come when in our

greatest fears. In being open to others who feel our pain, we hope to not feel so alone.

However, we don't want to scare each other any more than we already are.

When we are so vulnerable, we all need some hope. I have always praised this forum

because of it's caring people who understand and support each other. We must read

the responses/posts that relate to us and dismiss the rest. Only you know what your

triggers may be.

Delmaria, I'm here because I always believed there was a way out of anxiety. After all

it is a feeling not a reality of fear. Try focusing on some of the positive posts and responses. I was anxious, I was agoraphobic but I believed in myself and trusted that the

day would come that I would be back in control of my life once again. And I am.

I always respond to the people who have come back with an update on their success.

It's important for us to hear good news as well. We are here to help you. Whenever you feel it may get too heavy remember that it is someone else's life and doesn't necessarily mean you will follow that same path.

Believe in yourself and one day you will be holding your hand out to others who need that positive response that it's going to be okay. It all works out in time.

Time can be the best healer. Stay positive, never give up and always go forward.

With love and hope, Agora1 :) xx

mornings are hard for me also. It's so hard to get out of bed and face another day. I haven't found an easy way to deal with it besides taking some ativan. I do force myself to drink a coffee with low caffeine and eat something with my morning meds. getting into the shower is really hard for me too. Not sure why I have an issue with it, but I do.

Mornings are hard for me too, but it's hard for me to wake up! I'm just soooo tired even though I get more than 8 hours of sleep. I try to wake up with enough time to drink a cup of coffee (my happy drink), get dressed in nice clothes for work and brush my teeth and wash my face. I take Klonopin in the mornings, and if I'm feeling really anxious or panicking I'll take a Nadalol too. Nadalol is a beta-blocker that I take for panic that helps slow your heart rate.

I hope your doctor can change up your meds to help you get through the mornings and days!

Morning have always been the worst for me. Evenings are usually good and I sleep pretty good. When you're sleeping, you're not thinking and worrying about things. When morning comes there's always that feeling of another day in front of me with nothing to do. I live alone, no family and only 2 good friends. I've always been a homebody, just have always felt more comfortable at home, even before the anxiety started. I have a social anxiety so I don't like crowds. I've always been one to get together with friends in small groups. Don't have that option too much anymore. Makes for long days

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