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Waking up feeling anxious


Good morning everyone,

Does anyone else automatically wake up anxious? Since I’ve had this anxiety episode I wake up automatically feeling anxious. If you experience this, what do you do to find relief and not let it set the tone for your day?

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Hello hayley😀 yes‼️ I wake up every morning with anxiety. It’s been happening for a couple months now. I know exactly how you feel. What I do is get out of bed and come on here for an hour and read posts and help where I can . By the time that hour has passed, my anxiety is gone😀 so I think keeping your mind occupied is key. Hope this helps😀👍🏻

Thanks! I just joined this group and have found it really helps. I appreciate everyone’s advice and tips especially since y’all understand anxiety.


All the time. Well, it's been happening for the past month or so for me. I used to wake up anxious because of my job. Though I left my job since then, I still get anxiety in the morning. I'm trying to find ways to alleviate that anxiety like deep breathing, meditation, and doing things I enjoy. It's one of the reasons why I joined this group too.

Yeah everyday..it's like it's waiting for me to wake up..It gets me immediately just before I open my eyes..not a second later..

Yes, almost every morning. I get up and do something physical: exercise or simple walk outside, or just start laundry. It all helps. Keep staying in bed is the worst for me: anxiety is growing inside me and negative thoughts come rushing in.


Hello Hayley!

I get up way earlier than I probably need to so I’m not panicked and rushed. I need some time to “fart around” in the morning to feel calm and awake. I drink coffee 1st, check my sugar, eat, do daily devotional, shower, get food together for the day and head out. I start myself off on the wrong foot if I’m rushed and know this about myself. I take extra time! 😉

Hollick in reply to Hidden

Feeling rushed would only heighten the anxiety right?

Yes, it happens. I've learned to do progressive muscle relaxation and I end up going back to sleep. It use to worry me...now its just "Oh Im a bit anxious, gatto do this...good night" Start by exhaling and holding your breath when your lungs are empty...tighten your calves, hold and then gasp for breath when I can't hold it any longer. Repeat moving up to my thighs, then stomach, then arms, then face (yes face...strain and tighten all the muscles in your head. My head and my jaws is where I find alot of tension). Takes about 2min...then I feel heavy and relaxed...if I go back to sleep good.

All the time lately! A lot of times I can't find anything that helps but I am gonna try some meditation in the morning and some breathing exercises.


Hey! I've been feeling anxious in the mornings for the past few months or so. What I do is a body scan, some deep breaths, meditation, and journaling. Listening to uplifting music helps as well.

Glad you are posting. When I wake up and feel anxious, I often pray. I usually say the Lord's Prayer. There is a Scripture that says we should not be anxious and should take our petitions to the Lord. It is amazing how that eases my anxiety. Hope this helps.

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