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Anyone ever get anxiety feeling like your throat is closing? Idk if it’s just mucus but feels like one side of my throat kinda covered. But I can breathe normal. Don’t know if it’s just my anxiety... 😔

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Definitely YES....You Are Not Alone....

thanks for the reply... it passed. Drank some chamomile tea. Usually calms me down, if anyone’s reading this

I have a couple of friends who suffer from this type of panic and anxiety. I wont mention what else they think bc I dont want to trigger you.

Anxiety is more common than u might think. It's actually fascinating bc nobody talks about these things. It's very sad bc if we talked about it we could all help each other( in the general public) . Many suffer in silence for this reason. Theres no reason to suffer in silence.

This site is a good place to write how u feel. Continue to do so. People are here to help & share their own story.

Xx Sunni

It’s the little things that make me feel better. I’m so glad I found this...

knowing your not alone in the smallest ways help me. I almost didn’t post it cause I felt stupid about it. I feel blessed to have found this. I don’t feel stupid anymore.

Marshall64 in reply to vp_tx210

There has been others here that have posted similar symptoms and wondered if it was due to anxiety so you are not alone and should not feel stupid. People react differently or have different physical manifestations from anxiety and depression.

I like what you said about little things that can make you feel better. I totally agree. Something simple as somebody saying something nice, smiling or giving a hug can make a difference in my day. I try to remember that and do that for others.

Ya, it’s so sad there are so many that go through what we do... but at the same time makes us feel better that we are not alone

I am sorry that you are feeling badly. Have you been checked by a medical doctor? I would rule that out first. As far as your anxiety, have you tried speaking with someone? or have you tried just turning on some music that can relax you? I know when I am feeling anxious, I quiet everything and listen to relaxing music and drinking tea is a good idea. Also with my anxiety I will go do something I enjoy, just to rest my mind from all the racing. I hope that you feel better. If it is definitely anxiety I would be happy to pass along something for you to read, as a resource, just let me know and I can message it. Feel better soon.

vp_tx210 in reply to terriltwin2

Thank you. Should be going back to the doctor soon

Hi, I totally know what u mean.

I suffer really bad and have done for years, with deep depression and anxiety/panic attacks. My heart feels like its going to come through my chest and I struggle to breath.

I cant take normal breaths, its horrible.

Try I know its almost impossible when your having an attack, to breath little and slowly and try to thknk about happy things.

Hope your ok? X

vp_tx210 in reply to Joanna3

I definitely do breathing exercises... I hope your anxiety gets better.

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