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It gets better, i promise. Just hang in there!

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Hi everyone.

I often see posts about people talking about how they feel bad, etc and that is ok, that is what family and friends are all about, and i´d like to think of this forum as that... a circle of family and friends who knows what are you going thru.

However, i think it is also important to share that i does gets better. I´ve had my ups and down, since 2014 i suffer from anxiety due to post-traumatic stress (i almost died after i gave birth to my son.... like i said goodbyes and everything - awfull) so when i got out i knew in my heart i could not face this alone, so i went to a couple of therapist until i found the right one. Then, i was on meds and got better! it took a while... but i got better!!!!!!!

I´m not trying to say i´m a role model because i am definetly NOT! But come on! You can do it!!! You are a strong amazing person!!! Lets do the work and live life such it is intended to!!

I´m here for you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I love you!


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I have failed many times too... but i think it is important to know that there is hope. I am so sorry to what happened to LZ, i know that not everyone makes it and i´m sure he did everything he could.

I don't want to appear gossipy, but I can't understand why someone would be removed from the site. That makes me sad.

I see it that way too. Im blessed and fortunate that I see life that way. I see myself as a positive person.

Happiness is a choice. It's work, it's not easy. People who are successful & happy incorporate things in their life to take care of themselves. The average person doesnt want to see that! They only see the results, the appearance of hard work and dedication of good emotional health, physical, financial health. It is work!

And I think that's where people get confused.

Everyone has good days and bad days. That's life! We are not perfect. We are human. But that's a whole different subject! lol

Thank you for posting! Keep being positive and strong!

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Rosanx in reply to Sunnidayz1

I think we have to be very carefull when we say "happiness is a choice", i´m sure no one wants to be anxious or sad by choice we all want to be happy, but it is an illness.

But i agree with you that it is work, a lot a lot of work!

Life is not the same for everyone, so i think it is important to no judge but it does helps to see and know that it can get better, even when we´re at the darkest part.

Thanks for cheering and sharing Sunnydayz1!


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Sunnidayz1 in reply to Rosanx

I totally get you, Rosanx.

Depression is an illness. It's not a choice. Depression has nothing to do with how weak or strong one is.

My post was about happiness in general.

It's very easy in this world to get caught up in negativity. Happiness to me is looking at life as a learning experience. It has ups and downs. I do not look as "happiness" as rainbows and butterflies. I look at as living a fulfilling life. And that is hard work. That was my message.

Thank you for responding. I appreciate it.



We need that hope!!!

I’m sure that many of my problems and thoughts are just temporal. I think that the biggest job is to wait through it.

I’ve been better for few months. Had basically normal life. I’m sure it will come back to me again. Just need to wait for it.

Patience is a virture. Yes, one day at a time.

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