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My story

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Just want to see if there is any help out there. I am now a 64 year old lady. When I was 23, I was a flight attendant and was in an airline accident. I was critically injured. I have had numerous surgeries over the past 40 years (31 to be exact). I am living with intense pain after deciding I couldn’t stand having to live on Opiates. I did not have an addiction issue, just hate them. But now I am mostly bedridden, and am feeling worthless and in a very dark place. I am NOT suicidal! But I often wish the pain would end, whether by it being miraculously fixed or dying. Which one really makes no difference to me anymore. I can’t see a therapist because I cannot reliably keep appointments. Can someone talk to me? Please?

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It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Mindfulness is meant to be good for pain.

Hi MtMama, of course we can talk with you. I am so sorry in what has happened to

you as well as the intense pain you are in. May I ask if you are with family or assisted

living facility? That's a pretty brave decision to make it getting off Opiates. I can

imagine that besides your pain, the loneliness must be bad. There are many people

on this forum who do suffer from chronic pain and depression. If there is one thing

this forum can offer, it is the comfort and caring of each other. We support and

understand. We share our own life experiences as well as some laughter between the

tears. I'm glad you have become a member of our virtual family. We Welcome you

to this safe site. :) xx

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Hi, do you live in a state that medicinal marjuania is allowed, just a thought, I have heard it has helped many. Reaching out on here is a good step :)

So sorry you are dealing with all this pain. I was wondering about medicinal marijuana or CBD oil since I’ve heard good things about those for pain. You are definitely not worthless, but I know it can be hard not to feel that way when you are stuck in your thoughts and not able to move around much. I wonder if there is online therapy available for you? We are here and we care . ❤️

Hi MtMama, I'm so sorry for all you've been through. I don't blame you for not taking the opiates. I don't like them and refuse to take them. Have you looked into natural pain relief? There's a lot out there and it would be worth researching. You may find something that will help ease your pain.

I understand why you can't always keep appointments but there are other ways to get therapy now. There's services where you can text with a therapist 24/7, there's some you can do over the phone and there's probably some that you can do on the computer. This is something else you can research to see if any of these are available where you live.

I wish you the best and I hope you find the help you need soon.

Hi! I can’t even begin to imagine all that you’ve been through, but I also deal with chronic pain. I have an autoimmune disease and was bed ridden when the symptoms first started showing. I understand the pain doesn’t just go away like magic, but thinking about happy memories and the ones I love really helped me deal with it. It helped me remember what I was living for. Plus, if you can, writing also helped. I wrote short narratives or about my feelings. It helped me deal with the dark emotions that came with the pain.

I wish you the best and hope that it gets better reasonably soon!

Hello. Maybe you could try cannabis (medical marihuana)? They say it's very good for pain. Also try finding a functional medicine doctor. They will probably be able to help you.

Hi Mtmama, I'm also a 64 year old woman (Dec 30) I'm not in chronic pain as you are, so sorry you're going through that. I am suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I had to retire early from my job because of my severe anxiety, I had a nervous break down. If I hadn't retired they would have fired me for my attendance. I am so tired all the time,. I'm in bed also 90% of the time. A year ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, my children isolate me because they can't deal with what's going on with me. Maybe you can get a psychiatrist to come to you? My cousins psychiatrist comes over his house. And seek help for your pain without pills, helps out there. I pray I don't wake up sometimes? I did try suicide at 16 and several months ago I was looking for a gun, felt so hopeless and useless. I didn't follow through, I'm pass that now with the right medication. I'd like to know how your doing? Take care

You are all so resilient, kind for sharing your thoughts and concerns. Thank you. May we all find that silver lining that lies behind every cloud. God bless us all.

I am sorry you are in such a dark place right now. The proper doctor can help you. Please keep reaching out to us here and find that doctor that can help. I care.

Yes, there are many people here who care about you and can listen when you need to vent your pain and frustrations! Keep in contact with us! That’s what we are all here for, to support each other!!❤️

Hi MtMama

Welcome! I’m here listening. Nice to meet you ❤️

Hi MtMama. try do little stretches while you r in bed. You can google them. they may give some relief. i keep 2lb weights by my bed n use them even b4 i get out of bed. Sometimes offering your home to a pet will help they give you unconditional love and it gets you going in the morning to feed them to pet them to love them and they love you back. Also maybe you could talk to a counselor or coach or therapist like the other family members recommend on this site. also there's a TENS unit that gives out electrical nerve stimulation n helped me with my shoulder n neck pain. you may want check on that. Some insurances may even cover that if recommended by a doctor. my prayers are with you that you feel much better. Sending you warm hugs. Rose

I'm sorry about your pain and struugles. Please try everything within reason to reduce the pain. Life can be unbearable at times but things change, life is not static. I know alot about physical pain; (& emotional !) hang in there best you can ! I'm a woman in your age group.

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Hollick in reply to dogginess

You are right, things usually change. My mantra, 'this too shall pass'. It's so true, and it helps to get through the more trying times.

I can talk to you. But i dont realy have anything more to offer.

I can’t imagine how difficult life feels for you. Pain is so controlling. I’ve had my share but NOTHING like you. I’m 55. With the internet you have the option at least to take courses and go join Facebook groups which share your interests. And surely there MUST be a way to have an appointment with a therapist over the phone or virtually like they’re doing doctor appointments now?

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