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On my own


I’m alone. Not physically but emotionally I’m alone. My family doesn’t know I have depression. I’ve never told a soul till now. I thought I could handle it on my own but I can’t. I’m overwhelmed by all these feelings. I’m afraid to tell my mom, she doesn’t believe in depression just a teen looking for attention.

So everyday I wake up exhausted, having to act like everything is ok. I have breakdowns in the shower, in bed at night and durning the day when I’m alone. I just don’t know what to do no more.

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Just something interesting to put your mind at ease


Do you know when your depression started? Depression tends to be a progressive illness and gets worse with time. Maybe now is a time to speak up, maybe not directly to your mother but there are other sources.

Oh gosh, I can relate. I grew up very depressed and anxious and I didn't get any emotional support from my family. I didn't start getting treated with therapy until I was 22 on my own, far away from my family. I understand how hard it is to reach out about mental health when you are a teenager.

Is there anyone close to you that you can confide in?

Is there a teacher at school that seems compassionate about these issues?

If you know of anyone that has gone to therapy or has had mental health issues, try to talk to them. It's best to talk to someone who has been there.

If you are not old enough, you can have the goal to find a therapist when you turn 18. Please feel free to message me and maybe I can help you find help. If all this seems too scary, at least take comfort in the fact that things will get better once you're an adult and you can take control of your mental health.

For example, if you graduate high school and go to college, I think all schools have counseling services that you can go to. When you become an independent adult, your options for help will open up. Hang in there. I really identify with your situation so I have so much compassion for you.

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Thanks for this it’s good to know someone understands

Trust me darling, I’m no more a teen but still have the same feelings and know nothing to do. That’s why we’re here to listen to others. Keep calm my girl :) you’re stronger than you think!

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Hey Madi, the strength to fight your illness is only inside of you, I know it seems hard to believe when we’re feeling blue, but I’ve witnessed better days, everybody needs support from someone, you don’t have to confined anything to anyone you don’t feel safe on doing so, I would suggest to reach out to someone you can trust and care about you, I hope you feel better soon.

Stay strong 💪

I would talk to a school counsellor and get them to talk to your family....because it does start really showing up in the teen years and if your old enough. Parents forget what it's like at your age and are so caught up with work and bills they don't have time to deal with kids these days which is a shame. You don't need to suffer alone or needlessly. Do other site searches as well for younger people dealing with depression and see what they have been able to do when parents don't or won't listen. I'm glad your sharing here too because there are a lot of younger members going through similar issues.....welcome.

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