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Don’t care


I'm overwhelmed. No one seems to understand not give a rats tail. Even my mother doesn't get off. She always manages r to make it about her. And since she's gone through some experirces, it sound be a quick fix. The only thing that's a quick fix, is for me to grasp my keys and get the hell out of there. I've said numerous times, III just need you to listen. No feedback is necessary.

And to whomever said it, an hour isn't enough. I need my needs adjusted. I feel myself shutting down. I've never been this fast gone before. Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and vanish... Well, we know that's not going to help.

Photo? Just imagine a woman running down the street screaming her head off

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My own comment. My grammar sucks on this post. Sorry.

😂 have a good scream and vent some anger




Use cold whater in you face


Something that you smell

Have you a dog or cat

Focus on one thing

Tools ?

I mean

Sorry from belgium

Tools i mean

A box

With things in

5 things

What is for you important

If you get overwelmd

Just find a thing



Phone number

Medication?? For needed

A fleece or something

But most important is cold whater


Let things out your system

Spend a weekend in Amsterdam 😊....and definitely stroke your pet.

My pet ?


Nono but i hope you understand what i mean ok

I do ,dog or cat I stroke both and if I was in Belgium 🇧🇪 ide nip to Amsterdam for some decrompression time

You miss it ?

Where you live now ?

I in Ghent not in thé Netherlands 😊

I lived in Amsterdam central for 6 months awhile ago but loved how chilled out everyone is ,I’m in the uk 🇬🇧 now ,I have past through Ghent many times but only to change trains to Amsterdam

Well thé uk

I travel a lot too the uk when i.can

But now with my ptsd anxiety it's bit difficult. Now Sorry i have thé work now. But Keep us update ok.

How you doing

So Remember overwelmd

You use thé Tools 😉

Take Care ok today

You too thanks ✌🏼

If it makes you feel better, my parents are the last people I would talk with about mental health. Some people just don't understand and it's too frustrating and hurtful to attempt to make them understand. People who haven't experienced depression firsthand often don't understand how complex it is. Still, I totally understand how frustrating it is when someone tells you to "get over it" or find a "quick fix". There might be good intentions behind their words but, it totally misses the point. Try to only talk to those that you know react in a compassionate way. Finding a therapist could be helpful.

Btw, it's good that you recognize that your mother has had difficult experiences that she's overcome, BUT that doesn't mean you should invalidate your own struggles with depression.

Do you have a hobby or go to the gym or binge watch something that can help you to reduce the stress?

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