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Don’t know

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So I recently ended a two year relationship a month ago....

I was fine, going on about my days. Until she asked to see me, I agreed because when I saw her I completely shut down

My anxiety went through the roof, I felt completely sick to my stomach.

4 days later here I am, still having anxiety attacks and still vomiting.

I haven’t ate, haven’t gone to work, have been able to shake this off

I’ve called plenty of hotlines but I just want someone to talk to

It’s really hard for me to accept the fact that I suffer through mental illness...

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you were very brave, you have done so well. it's time for a fresh start, you will find your feet. stay strong ✨ here if you want to talk.

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Thank you so much

Your last sentence broke my heart because acceptance is huge. My therapist tells me it always feels like your playing tug-of-war with your anxiety and there's a black hole in the middle, but the best thing to do is to simply let go of the rope. Ease yourself into loving the body you're blessed with, although easier said than done. Do you struggle with panic attacks all the time or is it specific to this step in your life? Feel free to reach out whenever.

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Hey, thanks for reaching out to me I really appreciate it. I used to get anxiety attacks a few years back, but I still wasn’t able to understand why this was happening to me and how I can fix it or what triggers them. Also, it does feel like I’m playing tug-of-war with myself and it defeats me and all I can think of doing is curling up and crying. I try walking it off but usually it makes it harder to breathe.

It can be so devastating , a sudden trigger of anxiety and panic. It will pass, but it's hell.



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