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My anxiety reached a level so crippling that I have not driven in 8 years now. I can't even leave the house on my own. Uber/Lyft rides I am working on through exposure therapy. I reached a plateau with what I was doing re: exposure with my therapist. Any one here know of good exposure therapists/programs, even online? I'm in Bay Area in CA. Thank you!

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Hi Birddogs , I am sorry but I am glad you are seeking help . I spent two years without driving due to my anxiety ! The good news is that you can get better ! I am back driving for the past 16 years ! After driving again I had periods where I could not drive over bridges or in the highway ! But I was able to work thought it . I actually did my own exposure therapy 😳. Little by little ! Good luck !

Thank you so much. Feeling positive and even having dreams that I am driving! Here’s to healing! I really appreciate your kindness and you’ve given me more faith that I will drive again. Happy driving!!

Keep me posted ! Good luck !

. He also has more videos on his channel

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