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Is it normal for my ear to be plugged after ear infection im currently healing from my one ear no problem with my other ear but it is clogged as well ! Is It normal for my ears to be that way ?

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Do you feel a different sense of pressure in the ear so it is inflamed? If it is catarrh in your middle ear sometimes having a syringe can help along with the wax. Other approaches to stop this clogging are to try medicated nasal drops on prescription - I use flixonase but

your doctor will help you. They can be put down the nose, and then tilted into the pharynx towards the ear on either side. I have found this a great relief especially with pain. I lie down and put the drops in left ear then tilt to the left and do the same with the other. Another help is when blowing your nose, blow one side at a time to relieve pressure. Some find steam inhalations with mentholated crystals helpful.

I have found cutting down dairy helps the clogging of mucous which can build up in your

ear nose and throat. They don't use syringes in some area - it was a marvellous relief but

somehow we are told we don't need this. There's a fab website on lymphatic drainage massage, which really helps your ears and throat. You can google it. Will find link if it helps.

PS Zinc and vitamin c can help colds and infections.


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