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How do I post my profile? How do I read others’?

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I am 56 and the Anorexia took me at 14. I never sought treatment until 6 years ago. It will be a daily process to keep recovering. I was dying. I went into my local mental facility. I pulled out the phone book and looked to the yellow pages for help. I had no clue what I was even doing. I walked into the facility helpless and hopeless. I didn't have an appointment but was so desperate. They ask me if I felt like I could wait for a day they had an opening? I replied no. They squeezed me in. I walked into a strangers office dying. I have been so grateful for them for giving me life. I dedicated the short book that I have written to them. They are the best. They talked to me. The small dose of Zoloft is just what I need. It is for obsessing over food and PTSD. I am a talker more than a med person. I will talk until I am blue in the face. That does wonders. I had not even begun to remember why I became ill at 14 until 2 years ago. Now I know it all. Two years ago my mind begins to heal. YES, you can heal the mind. I recall the child rapes from my father. I recall all the abuse my whole family suffered by him. The day that I went to dad's grave four years ago I forgave him and that was for me. I had not yet remembered all this. I knew four years ago my illness had something to do with him. I did not know I was raped until 2 years ago. My shrink tells me most commit suicide after memories come forward. Now, that man took my life. He can not hurt me anymore. That shattered glass has been pieced back together it is solid and strong. THIS IS RECOVERY. The book I wrote is titled ANOREXIA NERVOSA-MY JOURNEY TO RECOVERY. That my friend is to give hope to others. Recovery is real. Believe in yourself. Be strong and stand up to it. IT BECOMES NOTHING. IT DOES NOT CONTROL ME ANYMORE. I CONTROL IT. I AM FREE.

hi and welcome to right hand corner you will see a little face click on that and that will take you to your profile.scrolling down the a n d page you will see posts and be able to comment on them.all the best take care.

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