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We are all Number One

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As 2018 draws to a close, always know that however much we struggle with our pains and enjoy the pleasure of our joys that each of us is our own Number 1.

If you’re struggling, seek help and empathy. There’s a lot of support out there (such as this site). There’s good doctors (and bad ones). But the good ones know how to prescribe good antidepressant/anti anxiety meds. Fortunately my doctor has done so for me.

If you’re feeling down, have a good cry. Tears cleanse the soul.

If you’re feeling up, take a nice walk (weather permitting). Look up into the sky and be thankful the world is still here. At night, enjoy looking at the moon when it’s out. Count the stars in the sky. Watch them twinkle.

Always do what you think is best. And remember, each of us is our own Number 1.

Best Wishes to All in the upcoming New Year,


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Thank you. Happy New Year to you as well.

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MrZee in reply to AZ1970

And likewise to you AZ1970 ❤️

Thank you for such an uplifting post. Wonderful words! Hope you have a happy, peaceful and healthy new year. xx

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MrZee in reply to Catwoman2018

And you too Catwoman2018 ❤️

Love you, MR Zee! I haven’t forgotten about writing you a pm! My pm’s won’t pull up but for only two people! Arie (Amanda, in case you’re confused) & I are doing wonderful! We became engaged after coming home on November 1st from when daddy was in the hospital. We are moving into our new place this weekend right beside my parents house! We are enjoying Kuno, Shadow (our kitty we adopted in November) & our new piglet! Hehe! I have missed you so much! I hope you & your hubby are doing okay! I’ll try to pm you tonight or tomorrow, whenever I get on my computer since it won’t pull up on the app!!! Xoxoxo

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MrZee in reply to

My dear Determined one,

Look at all the strides you’ve accomplished in the past year. Arie, Juno, Shadow, and Piglet. And a baby on the way! I’m so proud of you.

Remember, I keep you in my thoughts.

❤️. MZ

in reply to MrZee

Awww! Thank you so much! You, your kitties, & hubby are always in my thoughts too! You know how I feel about you! It’s so good to hear from you! I love you! Xoxoxo

Thanks for the uplifting words, MrZee. It's great to see such a positive attitude and gives me hope that I might be able to get to that point in the new year. Best wishes to you and yours in 2019.

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MrZee in reply to Lolly56

It’s work getting there. But if pays off when it works. Best to you and yours as well.

Thanks and very best to you!!! Happy New Year

Happy new year

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