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Depression and Anxiety - anyone ever feel like this?

Hi: I have become increasingly more anxious and depressed the last month or so. Been on 2 anti depressants and none have done much of anything. Have an appt with the psych this week. Don’t want to leave this earth but hate living like this. Anyone ever feel this way? Meanwhile, I have the worlds best husband and children so I guess that is what keeps me going? This all started last year after a traumatic event. Thoughts, ideas.?

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Hi there first of all you've got two of the best reasons to get better for a husband and your two kids! It may be early days yet regarding your medication and you may have to try several till you find out what works for you I to7 have depression and anxiety for which I take medication for venlafaxine, diazepam and amitriptalene don't get me wrong I still have my moment but thankfully less and less over time! The best medicine is your children and husband at least they don't cause you side effects lol! I wish you all the best for 2019! 🙏

You certainty are not alone I feel the exact same way. Been on medication for a while doesn't seem to do any good. Going for med evaluation on Wednesday.

You are not alone. I have been feeling that way too. DONT want to hurt myself but who wants to live like this. Please try to hang in there until you find something that works for you. Sending you postive thoughts and vibes!

Hello Hidden,

Glad to hear you have appointment with your doctor this week. I hope you will feel better soon.

I’m sorry you are feeling depressed and anxious. Please stay strong, your husband and kids need you.

I pray for strength and peace that you need for each day to keep you going. Take care, I hope things will get better for you. God bless.

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