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I sure could use some advice when home alone trying to ignore withdrawal and cravings to just say screw it and go to the liquor store to ease the pain.Even knowing the tremendous guilt I will have after breaking down.Watching football was always a trigger to meet up with friends and have a few pops and laughs during the game all my old friends drank but didn't have dependencies on benzos like me I know where they are but I cant do that anymore I spent too much time working on being sober.I tried going for a long walk and the evil demon is on my shoulder saying go on you'll feel better.Or obsess on message boards constantly looking for someone to make me feel better

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Hey Hkakbkjk ... how's it going ? Your post sounds like today is giving you a lot of stress n strain ... Smart of you to reach out here !

Staying away from your old life is Definitely important ! not always easy, that is for sure. Keep at it though - as it has its rewards

You did not mention that you go to any kind of 'meetings' - many meetings are positive and supportive of life transitions ... finding one that works for you is a real gift (and daily life practice), i think.

Maintaining sobriety is a day to day decision and moves me in the direction of a healthier body and calmer mind ~> it IS worth it !

and, take good care of yourSelf Hk as you go forward, now and in the 'new' year, 2019 ! r-e

Im feeling the same way today watching the Eagles game. Only sober a short while and the beer distributor is close by. Im taking deep breathes and reminding myself how horrible i will feel tomorrow. Stay strong friend

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Hkakbkjk in reply to Jae5

Wow this site is fantastic you guys are so great it's almost like an aa meeting on my phone the responses come in minutes not days I love you guys and god bless sobriety

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Jae5 in reply to Hkakbkjk

Wish I could go to a meeting but anxiety gets to me too bad. Ive only found this site a few days ago and it really has helped to know im not alone.

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Hkakbkjk in reply to Jae5

Well jae5 I made it through my trigger zone instead of watching the beginning of the bears game I fought off my anxiety and agoraphobic ways and forced myself out drove past my watering hole and got a haircut a friggin haircut made me feel good about myself then I got myself a good healthy meal then went home and somewhat chilled watching the rest of the game.Next Sunday they play your eagles good luck with your sobriety.Im battling 2 addiction alcohol which is a picnic compared to my 35 year benzo addiction that's a 24 7 battle but I gave faith and thanks to this message board others who understand how powerful addiction is.god bless

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