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Paxil, My Experience


I was recently asked about my experience with Paxil. First, this is my personal opinion and should’t scare you. You should try whatever might help you. Everyone’s chemistry is different and again this is only my experience. Always consult your doctor first.

I started Paxil over 10 years ago as a treatment for severe panic attacks with Agoraphobia and Intrusive thoughts.

I have been Paxil free for over a year now.

Looking back Paxil did very little to help me. I think it was a placebo thing. That’s why I stayed on it so long.

The side effects were weight gain, minor loss of short-term memory and mental confusion. These side effects were not severe but I didn’t like them especially since Paxil didn’t really work for me.

I now take Wellbutrin and a low dose of Clonazepam as needed. This works very well for me but you have to be careful with Clonazepam as it can be addictive. But if used as directed by your doctor it’s not an issue.

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