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the season is almost over

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As soon as Christmas is over all the stress seems to go with it. The dark feelings linger with the thought of new years creeping around the corner.

They say new year is the time of change. To start over and be something new. But there is no starting over anxiety, there is no letting go of depression. It just another night when you can drink to the bottom of the bottle and no one will ask you any questions about it.

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Hope you’re okay ❤️

The holidays have been excruciating the past two years. This year was especially bad - due to sick cats, I stayed home alone for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Adding to the feeling of emptiness was that I unintentionally upset a family member, who has severe paranoia. My Christmas gift upset him and he won't speak to me.

When I think of the events of the past year, though, I see unexpected adventures, connections, laughter, and friendships. I would love to live in a house filled with happy family members, but that is not my fate. Instead I seem to be propelled in a direction of quiet twists and turns. I've shed tears this holiday season, missing loved ones and feeling losses deeply. But when I look beyond my feelings, I see a richer life that surprises me.

My news year's hope for myself and for all of us who suffer from depression is that we will separate our symptoms from the reality of our lives, finding the good that's there and the hope to move forward. Love and peace to all. xo

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Agora1 in reply to Windy101

Windy, I hope that the new year brings you peace in your life. I've shed a few tears myself

this holiday season. It seems to be the time where our emotions take over. Wishing you

love and hope for the coming year. xx

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Windy101 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much, Agora. You always have a kind and wise word!

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Agora1 in reply to Windy101're my Chicago girl :) xx

hey I will be glad when this year is done that's for sure.ive not drank at new year for years as I get to emotional thinking of loved ones.we don't need to drink to the bottom of the bottle its best to face the new year fresh headed.

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