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Tell me how I should feel about being homeless and jobless?

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Today I was heartbroken again and left homeless with nowhere to go or any family to turn to. The guy that I moved out of my home state with to be in a happy relationship with made the decision to leave me with all of the bills known that we just moved out here to GA only three months ago. I have no job and nowhere to go the reason he told me he was leaving was that he didn't have enough money for himself after all bills got paid(know that I still don't have a job & btw I did everything for us to get this apartment and I know that I have some missed up ways and I know that I may have said some hard and hurtful things to him but at the end of the day I told him that I was truly sorry for everything that I may have done or said to him I was even willing to work things out and start fresh with just becoming roommates because both of our names were on the lease btw I never told him that he had to leave the apartment. We even sit down twice and talked about how everything was going to go to the house with becoming roommates and we both agree to the terms. But when I went out with my aunt a week ago to Florida and I came back home he had packed up all his stuff and had called his Ex-girlfriend (that put him out before) to come and get him from the apartment. He left today with her and now he doesn't want to pay the rent or any of the bills. So family tell me how I should feel about being homeless and jobless? Right now I am sitting outside in the cold in front of a coffee shop using their Wifi.

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Oh my goodness...I am so sorry. This is so sad to read. Do you have family you can contact? Or anyone else for that matter? If you lived in my town I'd do whatever to help you out. Maybe there is a shelter you can go to if you have no one to call. I'm here for you. Love, peace, light, joy & hugs for you!

You must have someone that you know you can turn to I hope? Some friend or family member? Even if you’re not that close to them, no one would leave you in a situation like that.

I hope you at least have a car to live in and keep warm in. A friend of mine spent months living only out of his car. He had a job though where he lived outside at their campsite Monday through Thursday (it was some sort of environmental conservation sort of place) and then just lived out of his car Friday Saturday Sunday. He’d spend time in town in coffee shops and whatnot just like you are. Then his car died and he spent a few weeks living completely homeless. Like he literally slept in the woods and then when he found that was too cold he started sleeping in town in a bush. Lol. But he had family to come home to (across country though) once his job took a break for the season. Anyways I guess what I’m trying to say is that being homeless isn’t necessarily terrible. My friend just thought of it as an experience that he now enjoys talking and laughing about. Okay, honestly it is pretty terrible :/ but just maybe not as bad as you initially think. There are people who do it, and I’m sure it’s only temporary.

I do hope you have someone to turn to though. Best of luck to you ❤️

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. I am not working right now either, but I thankfully have a place to stay. I wish I could be of more help, but I will say a prayer for you. Have you tried seeing if there was a homeless shelter near you, or a place for abused women even? They might could take you. I don't know, just a suggestion. Try to reach out to others, hopefully someone will be nice enough to help you. God bless you.

awful news surely family wouldn't see you homeless.worst comes to the worst look up nearest homeless unit or even go to the nearest church maybe that would help.

hi I was just wondering how you are now.hope things are a bit better.

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