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Good evening everyone 👋🏼

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for many years now. Lately it has been really effecting my life and marriage. He is not supportive at all and gets so angry with me when I’m feeling down in the dumps. I have no one to talk to about this so I keep it all bottled up until we explode on each other. I do not know what to do anymore.. I’m glad I found this site so I can vent to people who actually understand what I am going through.

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Don’t let it stress you out. Usually people that don’t have anxiety or depression don’t understand whether or not it’s your family member friend or spouse. This site has helped me feel a lot better by just reading different stories about anxiety which I was suffering with an now overcoming. I came to this site when I felt like I had no one to talk to. You’re in the right place.

Welcome 🤗. It can be almost impossible to talk to someone who doesn't suffer from depression. They'll say things that are very insensitive and painful. We feel deeper than most and suffer from the most intense pain. Our pain makes us some of the most loyal, loving, and trustworthy people on earth. I'm definitely here if you need to talk.

Thank you guys for the kind words!

You're welcome ☺

I am sorry, I know how you feel. I too suffer with depression and anxiety and am married to a man that doesn't have or understand either one. It can be hard, but that's why it's important to talk to someone who does understand.

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