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A new beginning

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I took this picture on the beach in Connecticut. This is the sunrise and I have a moonlit night over the water at the same spot. Ill post that picture another time.

This picture represents my hope and joy for a new beginning this year. Christmas celebrations for my family are almost over so now is a good time to instill hope with the anxiety withering away.

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Beautiful picture thanks for sharing

Best to you my friend!

That is so beautiful 😍 thanks

You took that? That picture is absolutely beautiful ❤️ I thought it was a painting at first! Thank you for the kind words of wisdom. I haven’t been doing well lately and I needed that bit of hope. I saved the picture to my phone. I will look at it whenever I feel I need that hope again

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aaronm in reply to melantha

I did take it with my cell phone. I'm glad it helped you. I love going to this beach for vacation. We try to go once a year and I worked remodeling a beach house for about 6 months one year and stayed next door. Talk about waking up and going to work every day...it wasn't so bad.

Incredible! Thank you aaronm, looking forward to the moonlit night. x

beautiful A, just beautiful! thanks for thinking of us... kind of you to share!😉

So beautiful and serene.

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