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question about 5-HTP

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i went to the store and saw something called 5-htp (brand is Natrol) that claims to aid mood and stress. i bought it because i've been desperate for some sort of relief but thanks to my immense paranoia i'm not so sure if i should take it or not. i have asthma and when i'm falling asleep my breathing tends to stop. i want to know if it'll interact badly with my breathing and make it worse. if you have any experience with it please feel free to share!

p.s. please don't tell me to check with my doctor. i do not have one.

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5-htp was great for me I’ve used it for many different things. It gives me a little energy and makes me feel happier. One thing to watch out for is it decreases your appetite. You should read more about it online on how it works. Also have you tried St. John’s worth?? I’d recommend it highly. It supports moods. Also taking a magnesium vitamin before bed will help fight anxiety and depression and help you sleep better.

thank you! i'll check out St. John's

Hi, bitanoken. I've tried 5htp and in the Natrol brand. I didn't have no nasty effects from it, the tabs just relaxed me a little bit more. So I hope that they can help you. Contact your Dr if you're taking other meds just to make sure that they're OK together

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