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Hard day today

I've struggled quite a bit with anxiety today. When I say quite a bit, I pretty well mean the usual constant fear of a catastrophic end, bitterness toward people that love me, intolerance, overthinking medical problems, a that nagging feeling of abandonment. I could really use some encouragement. Hope you all are doing better than me right now.

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I'm here if you want, or need, to talk.

You're not alone.

You matter

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Thanks, Dominic. It's just been a hard day. I've just been struggling with my breathing and stomach pain as well as this scattered brain I have.

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I don't have any health anxiety or health issues that I'm aware of.

Just the standard anxiety/ depression and abandonment fears.

I noticed most of your posts have been poetry...which say alot if you read between the lines.

I'm glad you reached the point where you feel comfortable opening up.

I joined a month or so ago after a mental crash.

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Sounds like me on any given Sunday.

I can only reiterate what Dominic said: you are not alone. I know it's cold comfort, but our struggles bind us. Take care, dude, and be well.

And keep writing poetry.

Hey there, I know what you mean. The breathing and stomach pain has been a thing for me lately too. For the breathing I try to open a window or go outside for fresh air if my breathing gets too erratic to calm myself back down with purposely slow breathes in and out. Trying to drag each breath in and out as long as possible. Usually it will help my heart stop racing too. Nothing really stops my stomach aches, I try to drink warm tea and soup for comfort. If you ever want to talk I’m here for you! Just know you are not alone.

Hey dude, if it's that bad I encourage you to see a doc and gat on some anti anxiety meds. They can change you life and end your suffering,. I am living proof of that. Hang in there

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