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What do i do with my life

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This question asked many many times by people all over the world, and now this question pops into my head giving me anxiety. I know i like to read books and watch a little bit of movies time to time, but with dealing with depression it feels that i lost interest in my past hobbies and i feel getting into a new hobby is not working. I just have an addiction to playing VR game. And meeting people on there and doing things on there completely being oblivious to the world around me. When i was in highschool i never really had an idea what career i wanted. It was hard for me to get interested in anything and i sit out on the activities or avoid social clubs. I did art but i dont feel the passion i had in it when i was young. Now leaving highschool i was left with nothing. No diploma( because i didnt attend graduation) no friends, and no passion. I found this VR game and got addicted to it like it is my life line. I play on it and actually am living online in the game. Like date, friends, home, dancing, job, etc. The things i dont got in my real life. And sitting in bed for like a few years my health got bad and i weigh 95 pounds, sometimes bit less because its hard to gain weight and hard to eat when im focused on the game more than my actual life. So, only thing i found more passion in is VR. And created an second life to play around in. I feel i am slowly deteriating away. Slowly killing myself just laying in bed all day and not going out. This is how i am feeling today is horrible. Lifeless. I know my life is in my hands but my addiction is so strong. Makes me happy and horrible same time. Also is something i am actually passionate about inworld. I am really falling apart today.

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Addiction makes for a rough road. The best thing that you could do is to seek help. There is more to addiction than what is seen on the surface, it is deeply rooted. The other option is to wait until the addiction forces change. Many times this means hitting bottom. Hitting bottom is very effective, but many times it comes with extra baggage. There is a much better life waiting for you and I hope that you find it soon.

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Yes..i felt afraid to posting this. With my addiction to VR. I dont want anyone to look down on me. UwU thank you though. I feel i had to get this out. I am just struggling and trying and listening to advices. It is tough.

Hey Otter, kudos for opening up. I've heard somewhere that addiction can change your brain chemistry overtime. And it can take a while for things to right themselves, chemistry-wise.

Forgive yourself. People can get addicted to anything. Congrats for self identifying. Don't be afraid to seek help. VR is relatively new, but a specialist in addiction will still be able to help. Hang in there & God speed.

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Okays... Thank you. :)

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