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Social anxiety

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So, I’m getting ready to go see the theatre version of beauty and the beast but I’m starting to get anxiety. I have to take an Uber (no car). Just the thought of getting in a car w a stranger freaks me out a bit. Not just that but I’m going to a room with tons of strangers... I really want to go sooo bad but I’m in bed rn freaking out instead. I have to be there in 20 mins and haven’t even confirmed the Uber. I hate that this happens so much. I can already feel my stomach getting all upset and stuff. I’m sure if I even put my shoes on, I’ll get nauseous.

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Do u have something to take for panic attacks? U know our mind have a way

Of playing tricks with you. Most of the

Stuff we worry about will never happen

Take deep slow breaths and relax do

Self talk take someone u can play with

Hands to detract yourself the worse

Thing that can happen u have a panic attack u had them before if it get to

Much take breaks take a cold water

Bottle with u or ask someone to met

U there so u don’t have to go alone

I hope u go and enjoy yourself and

If u need support am here and lots

Of others on the site that would love

To help u out so u really want be alone

This site have help me a lot when I leave

The house and I need someone to reach

Out too good luck u can do it I believe in

You talk to the anxiety and say not today and walk out the door

And keep me updated if you go

I didn’t go :(

I’m pretty bummed out about it

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