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Nothing is Impossible

I Iry to hide the insomniac craze

With a smile and friendly gesture.

Lest they see the gaping wounds

And how quickly they have festered.

But the brokenness seeps through

The crippling fear of my exposure

As a wounded soul who seems

To be incapable of closure.

Questions begin to plague my mind,

Why do I feel so wretched?

Why am I so overwhelmed

By the need to feel accepted?

What makes me so fearful?

Death is only a part of life.

I've known from an early age

That one day I would surely die.

No doubt I've lived recklessly,

That's the beauty of forgiveness.

So why is it so hard for me

To accept that I'm forgiven?

Who am I to say it's over?

Who am I to say I can't?

Who am I to say it's impossible?

God has given a second chance.

Who am I to say I'll never

See the sun begin to rise?

When I saw the break of dawn

Bless the sky so many times.

Maybe nothing is impossible.

Maybe one day I will see

That all of this will change

By changing how I look at me.

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