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I've never been a part of a support group before, but I thought I'd give it a try. I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for most of my life and no matter the help I've gotten, I haven't been able to maintain a healthy mindset. I've only been able to cope with things in my life for a while then go back to being negative again. I'm hoping that through joining this community I will finally be able to develop skills to learn how to help myself and others with similar battles. Thanks.

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Hi and welcome we’re so happy you’re here. There is a lot of amazing people here ready to help u,

You never have to feel alone again. Do u see a psychiatrist? Or take medication ? Or therapy?

I been diagnosed with Clinical Depression PTSD Panic Disorder severe anxiety and I have experience derealization and depersonalization after smoking marijuana in my teen years.

I use to self medicate with alcohol for so many years I lost count of and I been through sexually abuse and childhood trauma and the list goes.

All everybody here have a story to tell and we all are here fighting a battle everyday, so just keep reaching out, I like to do deep breathing and meditation and praying what are some things u enjoy doing?

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Thanks for welcoming me. You sound like a very strong individual.

Mentally, I have been diagnosed with depression, and physically, I have severe asthma. I do get depressed from having it especially when I have an exacerbation, but I am also in a point in my life where things aren't the best with my relationships with my immediate family. School has been tough on me too, but mainly because I miss so much from being sick.

What I like to do for fun just to escape is make music, listen to music, bake, walk, paint, draw, make ceramics, and just anything to do with art.

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You’re very welcome, You have a lot of fun things to keep u busy.

That’s great. Don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes it hard for us to see the progress, we’re making.

Your family will always be thee for you right now you need to Focus on your mental health and physical health.

And you’re worth it and you deserve to be happy 😃 are braver than u know and I believe in you.

So leave the past where is at and keep moving forward is only going to get better and the good things is u have a choice to be happy or not everything.

What you do in your life right now is up to u. Do what makes u happy and I will always be here for u. keep reaching out for help.

Welcome to the group! That's great that you have some really cool hobbies to help keep you busy. It's good to try to keep actively doing things when you are depressed. I have experience in this area. I find that I really don't want to make myself go do things, but when I do go, I have a wonderful time. Have you tried crafting with other people to try to increase time with others? It might seem overwhelming but maybe if you had a craft buddy that might lift your spirits.

I have a wonderful counselor that I see and talking with her always helps me feel better. I do not have any extended family.

Thanks for sharing and I hope this group helps you know you are doing really well!

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I think that's a brilliant idea. For now I have a niece that sometimes does projects with me, but it would be nice to have someone around my age. I don't have a counselor since moving, but I've just scheduled an appointment for next month. I hope it works out!

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