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Family Frustration


Having a very low last 6 days. All of a sudden my perfect medication regiment and two years of control over my depression and I feel like I’m back to where I started. It’s taken a big hold and my wife can see it. She offered me time for myself and I said sure but then I see the kids upset that i am going to do something on my own without them. So I end up staying to be a good dad, but I can’t seem to find any outlets cause I keep going back on having alone time. I am having trouble getting out of this funk. Looking for suggestions. Already seeing my document and therapist

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I can relate to having a very hard time saying no to family, having parental guilt and not following through with alone time, even though I know it is a NEED.

You know you need it. You know you'll likely feel some guilt if your kids are disappointed, but what your family needs is a healthy dad. Alone time is not selfish, and it is not just for you. It's to make your family and you better. Your babies will learn to be better adults and parents themselves from your example.

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Thank you for the encouragement

Greatly appreciate the support

If you don't take care of yourself, this will likely get worse. Don't allow your kids to guilt you into neglecting yourself. They will get used to dad taking time away. And what a great example you will be for them in the future. If you are not ok, they will be impacted. Put your oxygen mask on first, then you can put it on the kids-that's what airlines say. And there is wisdom to that in real life.

Time for new meds and you deserve some alone time.

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