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The Art Of Letting Go

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Sometimes I am afraid to loose control. Sometimes I am afraid of the unknown. But I find that I feel the most alive when I am chasing the things that scare me the most. There is no better feeling then living to see another day after coming face to face with your inner demons. They are only phantoms of your imagination, but they rule over you because you feed them. I've been the hunted, well now I think it's time to be the hunter. When we stop running and fighting we become like Pac Man. We turn around and bite back those ghosts after us. There is the small percentage that decide to run towards trouble and not away from it. I want to live by riding the storm just as they do. Why fight the tide? It's a waste of energy and you don't gain anything. Why not learn the art of letting go? Its hard but never impossible!

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That’s so very true! I have a hard time giving up on people. I don’t like goodbye’s, but I think that sometimes you have to let go of something in order for something better to come along. Most of the time, that better ends up being a better you. Thank you for posting this! As usual, your words are beautiful! Xoxoxo

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