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Good morning

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Here's my back yard this morning. My daughter came home from the hospital last night. She is still in a lot of pain but her mood is good. She's happy to be home. Thanks to everyone here who offered me so much encouragement and support. I love you all.

Sorry I haven't been present much to offer advice and assistance with encouraging words and support. Before the surgery I needed more than I could give and after the surgery I was so busy taking care of the other 9 kids while my wife was at the hospital. I hope to be around more.

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So glad your daughter is back home and doing well. No apologies needed about being away. You were taking care of you and your family and that’s all that matters.

Beautiful yard !

So pleased the operation is all done...

Recovery in progress, wonderful news !

Take care, all of you 🌺🌸🌺🌸 x

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Thank you!

Good to hear that things are moving forward. It sounds like everyone stepped up and got through a difficult situation.

I took a picture, that looks amazingly similar to that, just a few weeks ago. I like the monochromatic effect. I had my dog in my picture, so everything looked black and white except him. I may try to post it so you can see it.

Cheers, Gerg...

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That's awesome. My dog is black so him in the picture would have only added to the lack of other colors. Lol.

It's good to hear your daughter is back home! I'm sorry she is in pain :( but her being in a good mood is amazing. Been thinking about you all. Sending hugs.

The photo of your back yard is gorgeous.

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Thank you. I appreciate it.

So glad your daughter is home from hospital and hope everything went well. I was thinking of you both. What a beautiful wintry picture! Never apologise for being busy with your family, you're doing an amazing job! !! Big hugs to your daughter and hope she has a good recovery. xx

She's been getting better every day. She's doing well.

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