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Feeling really torn about getting back surgery, either way I'll end up in a wheelchair :(


Feeling really down today. Yesterday, I found out my MRI results on my back. I'm just a basket case over the terrible news.

I've got some severe degenerative arthritis, lots of large bone spurs and very severe narrowing of an area in my lower part of my spinal canal (L2-3 and L3-4). I really don't have too many options here. I can have excruciating back surgery to remove the bony blockage that's putting pressure on my spinal canal. The surgery will leave me with permanent severe back pain, balance problems, permanent nerve pains in my legs, leave me wheelchair-bound and I will have urinary and bowel incontinence for the rest of my life. And the incontinence can progress so bad due to lack of muscle control, that it can cause a kidney infection. I only have one kidney.

Or the other route that I can chose is.. to not have any surgery at all and let the damage to my spinal canal just take it's course. I'll still have my back pain, I could still lose bladder and bowel control but I will definitely end up in a wheelchair within a year for the rest of my life.

I am 57 years old and I don't know what to do here. Either way, I'm screwed royally!! And one last thought, my house is not handicap accessible. My life SUCKS!!

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Not knowing much about this subject but reading the options the way you described them the back surgery does not seem to be a good option. Have you also tried posting on the pain concern forum where there may be people with more experience of this to advise? I am in the UK where it is possible to get assessments free on the NHS to get your house adapted. I understand it is difficult in the US and you need to go through insurance. Is there anyone you know who could help you out with this such as an advocate? Sorry not to be of any more help. Gemmalouise x

Get a second opinion. Or a third opinion. Don't resign yourself to this outcome until you've exhausted every option.

If these doctors want to do a surgery that won't improve your outcome, that is ridiculous.

What i was going to say

Wow, I am so sorry that you are going through this. Pain and health crisis really can take a toll. I agree with the previous two comments... it sounds like you are in a rock and a hard place but the surgery does not sound like it would be very beneficial. A second opinion would be helpful to know if that seriously will be the outcome. If so and it was me, I would l just let it take its course and do whatever I could do to help slow down the progression. I pray for wisdom as you make these decisions.

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