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What helps you get through Sundays?


I wanted to send you a few quick reminders today:

It’s OK if all you’ve done this weekend is survive.

Progress isn’t linear. It’s OK to feel stuck or fall back.

Your worth is not measured by your productivity.

You matter. Your voice matters. Your story matters.

I hope you take these four reminders with you into the week ahead, especially if this past week has been tough. Please know we’re all here to cheer you on.

***So, what helps you guys get through the Sunday blues???

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Ahhhh, I sure do love it! YOU have gotten me through this Sunday. Thank you for keeping myself & Arie company. I love you so much. 🤗💖😘

MariaLove123 in reply to Hidden

Haha 😂 that got me through today too! Silly 😜 Talking to you helps me everyday; Sunday blues, I try to pretend everyone in the world is inside laying around; I watch tv, journal a little and play on my phone.

Took a walk w/ my pups :)

Awww your pups! That sounds really nice girl 💜

Today it has been good conversation with good people! A good comedy to make me laugh as today hasn't been the greatest of work days for me. and the thought that tomorrow is a new day and a new hope for some kind of inspiration!! [Been going with this thought for a while now, still waiting on that inspiration] Haven't lost hope yet! Hugs sent your way!

Wow that’s awesome!! You should share that with everyone! It definitely helped me. I think Sunday’s are scary because it’s another week of battling through the anxiety and depression. But the way you look at it, is totally inspirational 🤩 I love comedy as you know! X

Agreed it is the start of the week but it's also the end of a week in which we have battled through our anxiety and depression!!

Yes we can look at it like “we got through another week!!”

Watched dumb and dumber 😁

iou's those are as good as money!! 😂😂😂😂

Absolutely! Damn good movie 🍿

🤘🙂 guaranteed to give you a giggle

First couple hours on here..it’s been so rough lately and I’ve felt like there’s nothing I can do. Constant worry over nothing..

But so far this, and all of you have helped so much already

MariaLove123 in reply to Kevin87

Yay 👏🏼 I love that! This site is really helpful. I’m happy you’re here and we’re always there for you 💜


I signed up a long time ago, have never posted and very rarely even read anything (it seemed overwhelming) but when your post showed up in my email of daily snippets I was compelled to open it as just the first reminder you shared spoke to me so much. I love all of them and I'm so glad I opened this post. Maybe I will try to stop by here more often. Thank you for your inspiration and gentle reminders!!

Just crying and feeling stuck. Planing escape and listening to asmr.

taking heavy things, lifting them up. putting them down. A real Eastern european story of disney sort of beautiful!

Thank you. And what a nice surprise it was to read popping up in notifications :-). Sending warm wishes to you all on here.

Sundays? Being here, reading, hoping, and reminding myself things can be better.


Camouflage knitting!!?

...which makes me smile every time I think of it. I stumbled upon it on my Sunday trawl through the papers yesterday. Joseph Ford is a 39-year-old photographer from Brighton. He creates images seamlessly camouflaging people into backgrounds using knitwear made by Nina Dodd. It can take Dodd, 51, up to 40 hours to knit one item of clothing. I can't seem to embed the image but the full article is at theguardian.com/uk-news/gal....

thank you for the reminder, and glad you got a nice response to your post my friend.


A bit late on the post as it's now Monday but just to say I've been bingewatching Christmas movies. First year that i've shown any interest or felt any joy but i'm making the most of this new feeling after all the years of trauma i've been through. A great British Christmas comedy is "Get Santa". It's so heartwarming and I love British films. xx

can you elaborate on the 'Sunday blues'? what does that mean for you personally?

Thank u for this

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