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SSRIs Day 7


Well, today was my first day on a full-dose since starting. I was really nervous that I was going to end up having an increase in my side effects from the increased dose, and just when they were starting to feel more manageable! But my fears weren’t realized. I had a real scare this morning too when I got a call from our mortgage servicer to tell me our last check was returned for insufficient funds... turns out hubby had accidentally transferred $ to the wrong account and had Already submitted the correct payment. My heart raced for like half an hour afterward, even though I wasn’t upset, and then I couldn’t sit still or calm my shakiness. I was a little dizzy on my commute to school, but once I started working I had my best day in Clinic yet! I had all my procedures down pat, I even knew what my teammates procedures were supposed to be. The panic that usually occupies my mind & body just wasn’t there and I was able to remember everything I studied. It was great. I DID still clench my jaw A LOT throughout the day, and I had a pretty bad headache for during my commute home. Still, I know I’m still adjusting and that my side effect symptoms will continue to decrease. I really hope this drug works out for me because even with the side effects, today was a good day.

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Happy u made it through the day what SSRIS what medication are u on

Citalopram 20mg

Nice. I need to start medication seriously suffering...hope it continues to work for you!

Well, I’ve been on my SSRI for 2 weeks now and I’m feeling... okay. I don’t feel bad, and I don’t feel utterly fantastic, but I feel better.

I’m still having some side effects in the mornings (meds at night) but it passes by noon most days, and the only lingering side effect left is shakiness in the morning. My husband says I vibrate like a chihuahua lady. He’s got a weird sense of humor. 🤪

I’m hoping to continue to see improvement as the meds build up to a therapeutic level in my system and I’m looking forward to seeing what my doctor says at my follow up.

I’ll post more as things change. 🤞🏻🤞🏻 hopefully for the better.

You're doing good Maggie. I like your attitude in being on medication.

Please do keep us updated on your progress. xx

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