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What exercise will you do this weekend?


What exercise are you doing these days? How will you take your Vitamin E this weekend?

"E" Is for EXERCISE :)

I will try to jog with Zsa Zsa my dog at least one day (broke ankle this summer, it's better but need to go slow...) and I've been pushing myself to do something new - YOGA. I have a DVD. Not easy for a stiff middle-aged woman but I'm determined to get looser :) Tomorrow when I visit my mom in her nursing home we will do 30 min of "Sit and be Fit" (She is wheelchair-bound)

What exercise are you into?

It's so good for us:


Have a great weekend !

PS If anyone has a good yoga DVD or online link recommendation for beginners, pls let me know- the one I have is a little too advanced for me )

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I like to run on my treadmill x thanks for the reminder!!!

Calm_mama in reply to Hope4321

excellent! trust me I'm reminding myself- this is a pep talk for me more than anything :)

hi I took my 8 year old out a walk for over two hours with the dog.he got a trophy on his fitbit for 10.000 steps so good walk for us.

Calm_mama in reply to kenster1

10000 steps is ~ 5 MILES that is so awesome!!!

kenster1 in reply to Calm_mama

yeah it was much more than that by the time we got home last weekend he done 30,000 and that was hillwalking.getting him hooked on big walks young so he just kinda expects to do it regular and me and the dog love it.

Calm_mama in reply to kenster1

That is fantastic!! You guys must be sore :)

I will go over to the gym in a little while.

HUGE inspiration to me THANK YOU!! (I let my gym membership lapse in June...)

Great post - thanks!

Hey, Calm-Mama. I try to walk 1 to 2 miles everyday. I need lots of encouragement myself, especially when it's cloudy or cold. I'm impressed with you and those who responded. I'm gonna try and do better from now on!!

Calm_mama in reply to JEG325

AWESOME Walking is the best! I'm thinking I need to just accept my age and make the transition to walking (oh those hips and knees!!) have a fantastic walk today JEG!!

JEG325 in reply to Calm_mama

I'm 57 and so I find it hard some days, too. But, I'll think of you and your inspiration and I'll push on. Have a blessed day, my friend.


TRX training, weight training and walking.

Calm_mama in reply to Hidden

NICE! TRX is HARD I tried it a few times at a friends' house and I was too uncoordnated for it ha ha.. Been trying to do more weights, definitely need good music pumping me up for weights:) Thx for inspiring me!!

this one. youtube.com/watch?v=qJdMjRH...

Hi Calm_mama,

If you still need a tip for yoga, I really enjoyed this series on Amazon prime: Couch To Confident 14 Day Yoga Challenge. Remember you can basically set your own difficulty level for almost all yoga poses! I get really tense when I'm anxious, so yoga works great for me.

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