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Hi, I've been supposedly suffering from depression for 20years. Been prescribed many scripts and none have worked. I feel i have an underlying medical issue with depression being just one of the symptoms. Looking for a dr who is not a pill pusher, but an actual healer. Willing to run any test necessary. Please help, I've LOST my joy and stopped really living a long time ago.

Thank you

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Hi and I’m so sorry uve been dealing w/ this I feel you💞I’ve been on a similar search I feel my depression has diff. factors that hav made it worse-some unfortunately bad choices in relationships with ones who aren’t so healthy😞it’s like sometimes from a young age maybe even as babies we seem set up to have a rocky hard road &then other issues further complicate it. I also deal with my hormonal cycles as a female playing a part in it and I believe ADD as well which in reality is a brain issues some steaming from when I was born then as baby falling off a high stool, and who knows what else? but I struggle with organization, memory and other things so doesn’t help anyway I’m sharing this because maybe it might be somethings you or someone else on here can relate to and if anyone else on here can relate &has gotten help with these things maybe they can also share what really helped as well?? What I’d like to ask you is do you think there are other underlying causes for your depression or do you have any ideas on what triggers it or makes it worse for you??

My thought is that my body could be deficient in something. It could possibly be just changing my diet and exercising. Some triggers are after big events like bdays, holidays and vacations. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

You’re welcome ☺️Yes I think that as well at times about the the nutrition deficiencies I knw it’s common issue for people to b deficient in b vitamins, & vit. d and sometimes they need more good healthy fats like omegas also minerals! So this plays some part for me as well but unfortunately at the moment Im thinking it’s just a difficult relationship I’m in right now that’s really making it bad!

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Hi, "depression" is unfortunately a word which means different things to different people, so I'm not entirely clear what your experience is. It's also closely related to anxiety.

It might be firstly helpful to you to see the difference (if any for you) between a persistent or underlying low mood and what is an anxiety reaction to specific events. It is natural to have a stress reaction to particular events, but there can be positive stress as well as negative and this is partly due to how you perceive the event. For example, some people love going on a roller coaster, for me, the very thought of it is scary.

It may be that you have an underlying physical condition. There are conditions such as food allergies or a defective thyroid gland which you could have investigated. If you specifically ask your GP for a health "MOT" rather than seeing him/her about "depression" they could do a series of blood tests which might identify something.

Hopefully you are also aware, if you are on any medication for any other condition long term (e.g. anti-convulsants, steroids etc) this may be causing depression. I recently found a list of 350 drugs which can lead to depression.

There are also other long term mental health issues or disabilities, which because they interfere with your coping mechanisms, can lead to depression. So it would be good to eliminate these as a cause. These include such things as Attention Deficit Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and so on.

Depression is also often a consequence of social circumstances, loneliness and social isolation, unemployment or low income, living in a high rise flat etc. If these don't apply to you then these can be eliminated as a cause.

I have no idea how severe your depression is. I presume that at some time you have been given an "official" diagnosis of clinical depression. If you have never been hospitalised as a consequence or never actually been prevented from carrying out normal everyday activities then it would seem to be mild to moderate depression (and/or anxiety).

If this is the case and you have eliminated all the possible causes I mention above then it may be that the problem may lie with the way you perceive yourself and (in effect) the universe in general, your "cognition" and your belief system Medication isn't a long term solution for this.

It's psycho-therapy that you need. Sorry of you've already tried this, it remains a valid way of dealing with depression. What's available and how you access this depends on where you live and what your particular health service is. A good start is to consult a person centred counsellor to at least explore the psychological aspects of your depression. This may incur some (but not great) cost wherever you are. You may have to seek out a counsellor by yourself and pay for the service, unless you have medical insurance which covers it.

Beyond that, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) has been found to be effective with some people in dealing with depression, it doesn't work for everybody and it doesn't suit everybody especially as it takes personal effort. More recently, "mindfulness" CBT has been found to be as effective as medication for mild to moderate depression and I can recommend this. Mindfulness in some respects is not a short term therapy, it can become a way of life. Again availability and accessibilty to this varies according to your particular health service.

My apologies if any of this sounds patronising, from the details you've given it isn't really easy to make any judgment about what the factors leading to your depression are or even say it IS depression and not something else. So I'm just covering everything.

I hope this helps

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